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  1. I have zero expectations this year. Just going to enjoy baseball. If the Sox are competitive that's a bonus

    I cannot peg this team at all so no predictions from me


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  2. 1 hour ago, ScooterMcGuire said:

    I really hope they do this every year. Great for out-of-towners like myself who don't have access to NBCSC. Kind of sucks you don't get the pre- and post- as I enjoy listening to Chuck and Ozzie, and also sucks that I can't really watch spring training (although not many games available anyways), AND no national games (gonna have to figure out how to watch the sox opening day)...but it's still a great deal.

    I'm not out of town but I go to Wisco a lot and it's nice to be able to watch the games on my tablet. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Lip Man 1 said:

    Very good question. Although they have two or three guys who will probably be leaving (Giolito? Lynn? Hendriks?)

    If Hendriks misses the whole season it would be incredibly shitty to not pick up that option given that they have to pay him the money either way. 

  4. 1 hour ago, pcq said:

    If Vaughn drives off a cliff then Burger has a reason to exist.

    When the Sox play every day there is not enough time in between to complain.


    If Vaughn is injured/has a bad season then the Sox really missed a chance to gain a useful piece for him and roll with a Sheets/Burger platoon. 

  5. 32 minutes ago, Greg Hibbard said:

    More than anything, I just want this board to admit that the goal posts just never stop moving for Moncada compared to other players.

    Many want Eloy to stop playing his natural position at all so he can stay healthy, take a zero or negative number with defense, but Moncada can play the best defense of anyone on the team but it’s not enough because…well, I’m not sure why.

    Many are willing to gloss over TA’s lack of OBA, injury history, defensive lapses, off the field issues while holding Moncada to an impossible standard of “looking like he isn’t wincing” or not doing music videos or whatever.

    I bring up in this thread that Moncada has actually played 82% of his games since 2018 and that’s not really enough because…. we can cherry pick a list of starters who have played 90%+? or he’s “soft” because we don’t like his facial expressions or amount of the time he’s spent on the ground after a collision, or that his effort isn’t completely there for some people when he’s in the game despite his career numbers?

    where are the goalposts, folks? He had a bad year. 104 games coming off an injury and long COVID is not a sample size to descredit the preceding 530 games where he has proven himself, 25 year olds who play at this level don’t suddenly go downhill at that age. I predict a big year, personally.

    but what are the goalposts? 6 WAR or he’s a bust? How many players in baseball do 6 WAR a year?

    Like it or not, remember it or not, Beckham was very highly touted, did have tremendous support in the organization and fanbase and I recall him having a very long leash. 

    Moncada had long COVID, one bad year, and people want him to be a bench player. It’s unbelievable frankly. 


    Moncada is a good player most of the time, his swing and miss issues make him volatile from season to season. I don't blame him for 2020 as long covid is a very real thing. 

    I believe he was battling something last year but if you average out the last 4 years he's a 3.2 WAR player and that's fine, even if it isn't worth 25M in 2025. 

    He's a good player, but again everyone holds it against him because he was the #1 prospect in baseball and isn't Jose Ramirez. 

    You going to hold it against Benintendi too? He was the #1 prospect in baseball as well. 


    There's nothing that he can do to make a segment of this fanbase happy other than to suddenly start becoming Jose Ramirez. I thought he'd be that good too, I'm disappointed as well, but you can acknowledge he's still a solid regular. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Lip Man 1 said:

    I wouldn't take Nightengale's word for anything regarding things like this. He's the only media guy JR talks to. You have to consider the source.

    The only thing that crossed my mind is that Jerry has a really good accountant. And given his background working for the IRS and as a tax attorney, it's not surprising. 

  7. 16 hours ago, Snopek said:

    I imagine there’s resentment that he didn’t pan out as the face of the franchise superstar that the hype of being the #1 overall prospect tends to generate, so some people are just waiting for reasons to criticize him. Which is silly, of course.

    This. Moncada is a very good player outside of 2022 but he's not a franchise changing superstar and those were the expectations. The fans (wrongly) think he's a bust because he's merely a 3-4 WAR player most years and not Jose Ramirez. 

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