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  1. Thank God the HRW wasn't around in WWII. Hitler may still be safely holed up in Berlin while the Russians surrounded the city. It is utterly ridiculous to cry about the tactics used against terrorists who use hospitals, mosques, schools, and residences as bases to wage their hit and run war. It is unfortunate that the Lebanese people have Hezbollah terrorists operating in their midsts, but it is their government that has done nothing. Hezbollah was supposed to be disarmed, so said the mighty UN. In the last few weeks, they have fired over 2000 rockets. Thank God for the UN! Lebanon was well on their way to a flourishing democracy? Bully for Lebanon. So, how many Israeli soldiers need to be kidnapped from Israeli soil before they can become impatient with Lebanese progress? A dozen? A score? Maybe 40 Israeli soldiers taken before they are allowed to say, "Ya know, Lebanon, we admire your progress towards democracy, but we're going to come in and wipe out the terrorists in your country that you are unable to control. Nice knowing you"
  2. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Aug 2, 2006 -> 05:01 PM) You're 100% right, and if somehow that happened, this would all be over, and that'd be quite nice. But the reality is, that's just not going to happen as long as the area surrounding Israel is dotted with these failed states that just dump out terrorists. The sad truth is that this is just a cycle. Israel levels an area in response to terrorism, the leveled area produces more terrorists out of those who lost everything, and those terrorists wind up causing the next Israeli incursion. If we could expect everyone to behave logically, things would be a lot easier, but we just can't, and expecting people to do so only gets you into worse traps. That's where the whole "Yes, we're bombing you, but you should support us instead of Hezbollah because that's the only way the bombing will stop" idea comes from. It sounds wonderful in a message board, but to the person with the planes flying over his head and his house in ruins from an Israeli bomb, he's just not going to blame Hezbollah. Sounds like the only solution is to turn the Middle East into one large parking lot.
  3. gosh darn a cease fire. Why on earth should Israel stop going after Hezbollah before the achieve the goal? And I am sick and tired of this whole "proportionality" thing. Did the U.S. stop at sinking some Japanese ships after Pearl Harbor? Should Israel have captured a couple Hezbollah goons and called it even? What if Israel values her citizens more than Hezbollah does, which she surely does. That is exactly why you see the Western nations consistently taking it up the ass, because they have become so "civilized" that they rarely react disproportionally and wipe out their enemies. The way Gulf War I ended is a perfect example of that. I just pray that Israel will show the world how to really do it.
  4. QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Jun 16, 2006 -> 12:02 PM) We're gonna hear about it, so here it is; Did Mariotti say anything that was incorrect?
  5. QUOTE(Contreras @ Jun 16, 2006 -> 03:50 PM) ALLEGEDLY His story is plausible when you take into consideration the fact that most of Venezuela is the ghetto, with a lot of people looking for any way to get free cash out of the few people who have it...Unless every single ballplayer from Venezuela is lying about it. I think you are confused. I have no doubt that his mother was kidnapped. Below is a link relating the incident I am refering to. It isn't CNN or the NY Times, but it is short, brief, to the point, and jibes with what I already know about it. http://www.hiphopmusic.com/inane/archives/...t_steal_fr.html
  6. QUOTE(YASNY @ Jun 16, 2006 -> 03:40 PM) Rough translation: T4TI = Thanks, for the info. Thanks. It's easy to see I've been away awhile.
  7. QUOTE(Steff @ Jun 16, 2006 -> 03:31 PM) I didn't read about the defense. T4TI. T4TI? It was on the Score with B&B.
  8. Uggie and his buddies attacked some guys with machettes and Ozzie defended him. Perhaps I should cut him some slack since he's friends with Urbina. However, if a friend of mine goes after someone with a machette, I reconsider my relationship with the guy.
  9. Where is all this talk about Tracey willfully blowing off Ozzie coming from? Hell, the pitch Blaylock grounded to second was a good 2 feet inside, not over the heart of the plate. Ozzie will always hold a special place for me for last season, but he is demonstrating that he is an ass. First with his thoughts on Uggie Urbina and Jason Grmisley, and now this. He'd better continue winning or his welcome will be worn out quickly. To steal Ozzie's line of thinking, if you are an ass and you win, you are firey and a free-speaker. If you are an ass and you lose, you're just an asshole no one wants around.
  10. Looks lile Scully has aged about 15 years in the past 7 years.
  11. I sometimes wonder if Democratic politicians and the people they represent, particularly concerning Iraq, are mentally ill. The people who want to get out of Iraq NOW have to be insane. There is no possible explanation for someone with half a brain to think that leaving right now is in the best interests of America, the region, or the world. They are either incredibly stupid and shortsighted or are saying things they do not truly believe in order to pander to the left wing extremists of their party. I shudder to think what these people would have been saying or doing had they been around during the Civil War or the World Wars.
  12. Republicans don't whine and b**** as much as Dems do.
  13. In high school my English teacher was reading out the students who passed the AP exam with a 4 or 5 (about 30% passed). She got to me and read "Bob scored a 4. *double take* BOB SCORED A 4!?" I just looked at her and said "And?""
  14. QUOTE(Steff @ Sep 23, 2005 -> 05:29 PM) Apparently you do, and again.. apparently you do since you posted it. I'm well aware of the case, but the only facts I need to know is she won a lot of $$ for getting burned with hot coffee because SHE removed the lid in the car and it spilled on her. Is there anyone here who doesn't know that coffee is hot...?? Hello...?? Someone...? Anyone...? Sounds like they kept it too hot and they knew it was too hot. Coffee shouldn't be lava hot.
  15. QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Aug 10, 2005 -> 04:25 PM) Still it seems kinda wierd that she didn't say ANYTHING into the radio to her husband for help. I don't wanna blame the guy, but wouldn't you: a. be on a cell phone with her the entire time? Even just to kill the boredom of the drive. b. Have her driving in front of you, you can give her directions via radio. c. And would you even for 1 second let her car out of your rear view mirror? They were driving to her parents' house, so obviously they both knew where they were going. If you both know where you're going, there's no reason to even follow each other. We'd just say, "See you there." We'd have cell phones in case one of us broke down, but I give them credit for being as careful as they were using the walkie-talkies. I'm no woman, so maybe one can help out here. Would a sudden trauma caused by the lap belt possibly cause problems for a pregnant woman? A seat belt can cause some massive bruising in an accident and I wonder if the sudden force caused by the lap belt may have led to internal problems due to her pregnancy. Again, I'm just spitballing here.
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