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  1. Guys, I started this place up in the wake of Spring Training and the new season. It's a nice forum set-up to primarily discuss all things baseball, with a few minor "off-topic" pit stops on the way as well.

    I know a lot of you put up very good discussion so I was hoping many of you can join up. We're looking for mods and people who could help advertise (or one or the ot

  2. You can go to the sale whenever you want, for free from 9-2... You have to pay to be able to get on the actual field and play catch. I believe it's something like 20 bucks for adults and 10 bucks for kids for a reserved hour of field time. Space is limited, though.
  3. I must half-disagree. While the system the USSR used, based on equality and not merit, would probably make for a "lazier" workforce, the Soviet Union had deeper scourges than just a lack of ambition. First, the USSR never was able to fully adopt a strong peacetime patriotism. Outside of ethnic Russians, not too many others living in the USSR were too pleased with it, and once the ball started rolling, it could not be stopped. Also, I believe a system like that can work, however, you also have to provide the workers with incentives; granted they may not be great ones, but by the 60s and 70s, the standard of living was much higher and coushier in the US than the USSR. I still say that if the USSR had been able to get over the "industrial" hump it had created within its post-Stalin economy and become as powerful a consumer economy that the US had and is, history books would have been written differently.
  4. There are a couple of points here that are glossed over that need to be readdressed... First, the USSR didn't collapse because it was a 1-man island... Look at any map of Europe between 1945 and 1989 and you'll see that the USSR was pretty cozy in fellow Communist regimes; the problem was that the the Soviet Union's economy was driven by a government too unimaginative and too late in its response to the growing demand for the high-tech industry. The USSR industrialized faster than any nation ever had or has when Stalin came to power, but that strength became detrimental to the economy's post-WWII success, especially once the global economy slowed, because it was too rigid and focused on industry to see the wave of the future. By the time of Brzehnev and Gorbachev's reforms it was already too late. Aside from that entirely, the Soviet Union, as it was established and run, is a pretty paltry example of a Marxist state anyway. Comparing the USSR to Marx's ideals is like comparing the US to Plato's; neither looks too good compared to the accepted ideal of the ideology they adhere to. And, also, we owe a lot to the Soviet Union; first for pretty much single-handidly defeating the Nazis in World War II for a good number of years (this is debatable), but second, for posing as an imminent threat to US national security for so long, keeping us focused on one enemy politically, militarily, and economically. The Economic Miracle owes it success to the fact that the USSR and US were caught in an ideological blinking contest, and each wanted to rebuild its half of Europe as fast as possible to curb the spread of Communism in the West and liberal democracy in the East as well as to have strong military allies. Without the Soviet Union, it's not hard to imagine most of Europe still rebuilding from the carnage that was that war. Happy Birthday, Karl.
  5. doubleM23

    Asses of Evil

    Ha ha... Now that's good stuff.
  6. #1... It wasn't the 80s.
  7. As far as I know, she is in Bolingbrook, doing her student teaching for her last semester for ISU. It's a b****... You have to do all the work of a teacher as well as the work of a college student.
  8. There's no debate about this... Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.
  9. It's business. I think the realy people to be upset at are the ones who want to watch midgets getting exploited.
  10. Why? They're the ones paying them. Nobody is forcing any owner to pay a ridiculous salary. I can see the argument for a salary floor so that dicks like the Seligs can f*** over a team and town like they did in Milwaukee.
  11. Eww... I wouldn't mind Evans as head of the minor leagues (I wouldn't mind KW in that role either), but hell no as GM...
  12. Albuquerque changed their team's name to the Isotopes? That's pretty sweet.
  13. doubleM23


    I think this is too complex to be summed up with a 2-answer poll.
  14. Winter rocks. How anyone could live without this baffles me.
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