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  1. And 127 Million a year should get you in the playoffs, unless you have Henry Jr at the helm at 333 W 35th st.
  2. Jaime, isn't going anywhere... He has bought his freedom, in buying members of Congress.
  3. What's the difference, if the emperor just changes his clothes?
  4. It seems to the Heritage Foundation, anything outside of living in a cardboard box shouldn't be considered poor. And even then.. those people still have shelter.
  5. I agree with you.. but just peaved is all. Miss calls are going to happen, I get that.
  6. I'm okay with that... I like pre-White Sox winning WS tickets... Walk up to window, 30mins before game.. yes, I'll take section 132, row 25 please!
  7. In all seriousiness, that isn't even the point. The point is, the Tax cuts from 01/03 failed to do what they are designed to do. Well let's be honest here, designed what they were "sold" to do. It doesn't matter the wording of who is in poverty or just above it. That's not the point what so ever.. The point is the Tax Cuts are a failure for anyone not in the upper brackets of income. And in reality, that was what they were designed to do. That's the issue... So lets start talking about it... I bring this up, since the GOP wants to think giving more tax Cuts are going to help the everyday Americans, and this article is proof.. It won't.
  8. But, shouldn't a reporter just rip on the White Sox Scape goat, like the board does?
  9. I'm still peaved at the call/no call Icing, Kanner doesn't do the shootout without the blown call.
  10. I'm still confused on how the GM's moves are the fans fault. Does that mean I can take credit as well for the 05 WS win?
  11. You're right.. The tax cuts worked out great... Not everyone is in Poverty.. they move up to Low income above Poverty! Pretty soon they can be 1%ers in what 150-200 years?
  12. For me, Dunn performance isn't going to keep me away or keep me going. Sadly, nothing keeps me from going... Love baseball, and love the Sox... will hit my 5-10 games a year. I'm awaiting to see what the final roster will look like, still hit opening day.. and then 2-3 games a month.
  13. This bill pretty much craps on that old law things.... What its' called... OOO YEAH the US Constitution, Congrats both parties!
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