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  1. 2 minutes ago, reiks12 said:

    Twins holding on to their 1-0 lead going into the top of the 9th, hopefully Duran comes in the bottom half, the Guardians tie it, then the games goes another 7 innings before Twins win. Please.

    No just win in the 9th please. Twins lost 6 straight to them, just ge the W. 

  2. 24 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    There’s a good chance they will wind up 5-4 or 6-3 against those teams. It’s difficult to genuinely demand “you must do better than that” in baseball, that’s not how the game works. 

    The problem is the hole they dug earlier this year.

    Yep. 6 and 3 is for sure acceptable, but when you dig this type of hole because you got dog walked by KC and Arizona, then it's your fault. 

  3. 52 minutes ago, GreenSox said:

    I can think of scenarios where it would be best if the Twins swept or went 4-1, or if the Guardians did the same, or even if they went 2/3 or 3/2; it just all swirls my mind.
    I think it comes down to is sweep the Guardians and the Sox will take the division; anything less and the Sox sit.  
    One thing that would have helped, but it appears not to be, is for the Padres to have clinched a playoff spot prior to our series.  

    Minnesota sweeping would be a dream. I feel like our chances with 6 games left with them than staying 3 behind Cleveland and needing to sweep them. Followed by praying for KC to win. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, ScooterMcGuire said:

    Guards are throwing RHP Hunter Gaddis on the mound. Dude has had one MLB start this season in which he gave up 8 earned runs in 3 and a third innings. Cleveland must know the Sox are excellent at turning bad minor league pitchers into one-day Cy Young candidates.

    Lynn has to bring his A-stuff today. Hopefully the bats explode. Today is a must-win.

    This means we will be 5 back and officially finished. 

  5. 51 minutes ago, CentralChamps21 said:

    Twins just not gonna help us.

    Let the Twins fall all the way out. Them having nothing to play for the last week would be nice. We just need to handle Cleveland. And that starts with not starting Giolito next Thursday. 

  6. 36 minutes ago, soxfaninfl said:

    3 runs in 6 innings is not bad or good. Gio is just not an ace but giving up 3 in 6 is a serviceable Major League pitcher but, you're right, he should not be pitching in a must win game.

    Not everyone is Cease.

    The As offense sucks though so that is solid but not good when you consider the bad pitches he threw. Defense and offense has hurt all of our pitchers. No way I re-sign him to a big deal without him turning a major corner. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, White Sox Park said:
    No matter how much we all b**** about how bad the Sox have been (i've given up more than once) they are still the class of the division, and perhaps more . now that LaRussa is gone, I have high hopes that, at the very least, we will make the post-season, and then, who knows . i'll take our staff of Dylan Cease, Michael Kopech, Johnny Cueto, and Lucas Giolito over anyone's.

    TLR sucks but we aren't winning now because he is gone. It is a small sample size, not to mention TLR just had a 5 game win streak himself. This team needs to try to win each game one at a time. We have no margin of error, so no more s%*# lineups, over resting, and punting Sunday or getaway games. 

  8. We know about the Royals and their epic last 6 games. A few series stick out to me as we sit two games back. That Cleveland series that we punted months ago and had Garcia hitting third. And the Josh Naylor debacle. Those games could seal our fate. At this point we need to try to win every game by putting the most logical lineup out there each day and using the bullpen correctly. There may be days we're Lopez needs to go two innings to help preserve a win instead of putting in Joe Kelly or Ruiz for instance. 

  9. 2 hours ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    God I hope so…if they bring him back and the team falls apart they will alienate the fans in a way they’ve never experienced.

    Yeah but he isn't a player losing their job to a backup. He is the Manager and you kinda can't tell him to f*** off or send him down. The players clearly like him. The best hope is he listens to others more often and accepts input on managerial issues. 

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