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AAP: Blake Rutherford


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Joe: Keith, what do you make of Blake Rutherford? I know to not write him off, but it is mind-boggling that a kid of his talent and pedigree put up the kind of line in low-A.


Keith Law: Same. And the swing is fine. But the ball just didn’t come off his bat well this year – poor exit velo, no power, didn’t even sound that great (I saw him the day before he was traded).

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Some new tidbits from an article today, White Sox bias edition:


The White Sox aren't worried about his modest power production in 2017. They still see a player with the size (6-foot-3, 195 pounds), strength, bat speed and left-handed stroke to do plenty of damage at the plate once he's fully developed. Rather than make any major changes with him in instructional league, they're just emphasizing fundamentals such as staying balanced at the plate and maintaining a proper swing path.


"Blake can hit the ball very hard," White Sox farm director Chris Getz said. "He uses the whole field. Over time, he'll get a better feel of what pitches he's capable of driving. It may take a couple of years. It's not something that is going to change in a couple of weeks.


"We like where he's at. Physically, he's a good-sized kid. He's got strength all through his body, a smooth stroke, a high baseball IQ. He's going to be able to do some things."




Also includes some nice little pieces on Cease.

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