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2021 College Football

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10 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

Except Riley took most of his best players/recruits with him...


The other side of this is schools like Iowa and Iowa State...because of the limits of the Iowa economy, they just don't have the corporations to put together these meaningful NIL deals so they're behind the 8 ball, besides the fact that Iowa has never been a recruiting hot bed and most of the best players always went to UNC or Kansas with a few notable exceptions.  Iowa is losing out on transfer "big men" over and over again because the just can't compete on the NIL front, at least not yet.   I mean, Casey's General Store, Hy-Vee stores and the I-80 truck stop in Walcott is just not exactly corporate America.  At least IU has Indianapolis and just ND and Purdue to compete with.   Iowa and Iowa State also have Creighton on their western border in a major media conference.


Not that Iowa was going to win the NCAA championship if they kept Joe Weiskamp, CJ Frederick and Jack Nunge, but they would have at least made the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 for the first time since the 1998 season.

Now we might even have Kris Murray go to the NBA, although that's highly unlikely...like the example above and the fact that he should be "the man" next year with his twin brother leaving for NBA riches.

The fact of the matter is that the only thing Iowa has to offer is playing time in one the the top conferences, an uptempo offense (spotty defense) and numerous opportunities to play on national television in major media markets.

Despite having Luka Garza and Murray nearly win back to back national PoY awards, they're still unable to attract McDonald's All-Americans (ironically, Kenyon Murray was one of the last in program history and they were so fortunate nobody discovered his kids until it was too late to steer them away)...but when you always rely on developing guys outside the Top 100 recruiting rankings for basketball and football, well, it is what it is.


Some may think this is a sarcastic suggestion but I'm serious. Now imagine being the developmental team for an NBA franchise. The player signs a deal with the franchise, get paid, and the team retains the rights for x years. They may exercise those rights if the player develops. 

Let's have the businesses that make the most money from these athletes pay the most. And I'm still shocked that universities haven't been allowed to pay players directly. The universities are the ones earning the most, they should be paying the most 


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