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8/6 Games


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11 hours ago, BigHurt3515 said:

The fact that he has 8 home runs in 168 ABs and he is 5th on our team and hasn't played in a month is mind boggling 

Robert, 12 home runs in 313 ABs

Anderson, 6 home runs in 331 ABs

Grandal, 2 home runs in 214 ABs

Vaughn, 10 home runs in 324 ABs

Moncada, 5 home runs in 225 ABs


Burger might be our best power hitter this year and he doesn't have a spot

A .660 OPS against RHP and the fact that he cannot field his position and is yet another RH DH that cannot hit RHO might - just might - be a determining factor. 

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4 hours ago, Sarava said:

Problem is - he is poor defensively at third, and the team is overloaded with right handed 1B/DH types. There's nowhere to put him.

Plus he's a lot better against LHP and at home so besides the things you mentioned you can't carry a guy to play only against LHP at home at DH . He need reps against MLB RHP to improve in that area like Vaughn did and I doubt the Sox are going to try him in the OF like they did with Vaughn.

Sheets is also great at home and terrible on the road but he can get a lot of Ab's at home because there are so many more RHP than LHP.

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