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2022-23 NHL Thread

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12 hours ago, SoxAce said:

Uh oh... Chief does have solid sources too. I would be disappointed if they just gave Kane away. Would rather just keep him and tell Rangers GM to kick rocks (supposedly the stingest GM in the league).

It's a double-edged sword for sure. 

Kane sort of screwed them by sayin NYR was the only place he would go. However, this team isn't going anywhere (obviously) and I don't think they have much interest in bringing him back. There is also an argument to made to grant the request in this case of your franchise icon. It could get ugly if the Hawks said they simply aren't moving him and he wants to compete for a Cup. 

Lot of layers, not a "right" answer but the Hawks simply don't have much leverage in this at this point. 

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2 hours ago, Tony said:

If there is only one team in the running for his services, what type of return was expected? 

Non conditional 1st round pick and at least a prospect. 

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19 minutes ago, Soxfest said:

Non conditional 1st round pick and at least a prospect. 

So when the Rangers come back and say "No, and Patrick Kane has made it public his only desire is to play for us." What do the Hawks do? Keep him while they are actively trying to have the worst record in the league, and let him walk for nothing in the offseason? 

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