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Some advanced pitching stats


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I think a big issue has been command of the pitching.

White Sox starters are 5th in the AL in stuff+ but only 12th in location+ (stat created by eno Sarris).

White Sox pitchers also lead the majors in pitches thrown either in the heart of the zone or way outside the zone (statcast attack zones "heart" and "waste".

Stuff is good, "just throw strikes and pitch to contact" doesn't work anymore, especially with the shift ban (see cardinals) but I think the sox starters push it a bit too far regarding bad command.


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2 hours ago, Texsox said:

I think there are a couple possibilities at work here.

Talented pitchers but bad approach.

Good approach but no talent.

No talent and bad approach. 

I think I know what most folks here will pick. 

Combo of 1 and 3. Also stuff regression, especially Cease.

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