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Kopech drawing interest


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Kopech is a freaking headcase.  He has tons of talent and when on, he's lights out.  The problem is, the smallest hiccup causes him to lose focus and throw bad pitches.  There may a team out there that offers something of interest for him at the deadline, but I don't know if the guy will ever figure it out, regardless of what team he's playing for.

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23 minutes ago, 2Deep said:

This whole misnomer that players do automatically better when they leave the white sox is such bull crap.

Have some done well  .........sure  (Lopez, 

Most have not....... (Anderson, Giolitto, steele walker (people were losing minds over him)

Some have stayed what they are......mediocre (Lynn, Grandal)

These are just examples.......tell me who has become a star after leaving the white sox? Lopez has had a great 60 games and I hope he continues but come on man!!!


The problem is the White sox......not because players get better after leaving them BUT because they have had a hard time evaluating real talent.

I'm not suggesting everyone turns from a frog into a prince, just that the perception exists and that there is precedent for other GMs to believe in their own staffs to fix something that we can't. And this is purely focused on young, talented players that didn't pan out here. I agree with your list, not everyone turns into a stud, but it's also straying afield from my point - we either give up on young guys too early or fail to develop them properly.

Ex: Chris Bassitt, Marcus Semien, Eduardo Escobar, Jake Burger (TBD). A better counterpoint would be Madrigal, he sucks out loud no matter where he is. 


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1 hour ago, southsider2k5 said:

Yeah, that's not true.  Bad contracts and deals happen all of the time.  We might not get a dream deal for him, but someone will be in "I can fix him" mode.  Relief pitching is too expensive at the deadline for that not to be true.

Of course teams will give him opportunities. I never said they wouldn't. I said "I doubt he ever had a ton of value in 24."

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