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  1. Same thing...8 mil more a year fro Straus is better than Wheeler. And again we can always look to move him after a few years if Kopech, Lopez, Cease, Gio, Dunning all turn out to be good. Add in Stiever, Thomson and Dahlquist I'm sure some become decent. Even 7/245 wouldn't be that bad or crippling vs. what we were going to pay for Wheeler (assuming we offered 5/120 to Wheeler).
  2. We should be all in on Stras- 7 years 210. Cost Sox 6 mil more a year than what we likely offered Wheeler. The last 2 years of contract might suck but we could always trade him.
  3. Justinsettle

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Exactly. Don't like it but would be a really bad move to sign early. Wait for those 2 to get signed and let the teams left overpay him in a bidding war. Hope I'm wrong!
  4. Justinsettle

    Cole or Strasburg?

    I can easily predict which team gets either of these two. The team that over pays “market value”. I hope Hahn realizes this after last year. The visits don’t matter in the majority of cases- especially won’t matter to Cole. I say offer him 40 mil a year front loaded 7 yr contract with opt out after yr 3 or 4. Make it so we can trade him after 3 yrs if any of our guys become legit #1 and #2 starters. That way we can use him to retool again near the end of our window while dumping salary.
  5. Justinsettle

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    If we traded the best college hitter in years for Benintendi straight up we should be calling for hahns job. Horrible trade idea.
  6. Justinsettle

    2020 RF options

    100% correct. Highest offer wins almost all the time. Look at any past big name free agent- or really any free agent. It has nothing to do with coaching staff, fan's, attendance or the team they are playing on. Cole is going to get paid and get paid big the only thing that stops us from getting him is making the highest offer (which is doubtful we will!). Perfect example is Harper was he so impressed with the Phillies he signed with them and not with his friends on the Cubs? No Phillies offered more money- he definitely didn't sign there because the team is going to win a WS.
  7. Justinsettle

    2020 RF options

    I would say 99%...history proves this too. No one is giving up money to play on a good team- this isn't the NBA
  8. Justinsettle

    8/26 Games

    Vaughn is batting .230 in single A...he is a long way from playing 1st in the majors. Collins deserves a shot but not expecting much from him especially if at first and not catcher.
  9. Justinsettle

    What would it take to get Noah Syndergaard?

    Overrated? Some of the moves and comments I read on this board are nuts. He would be by far our best pitcher....I would be ecstatic if Kopech turns into anything close to Syndergaard. That said I’m sure he would require a kings ransom which unfortunately we don’t have to trade.
  10. Justinsettle

    My opinion: Sox need to make another megadeal

    My opinion is the people that other teams would potentially want- we still don't really know what we got in them. Moncada was pretty bad last year, this year # 13 RC+ and #14 OPS in the entire AL. What is he going to be next year? Gio last year was one of the worst pitchers in both leagues this year #9 in the AL in XFIP. What will he be next year? Even Anderson- this is easily his best offensive year- #45 in league in RC+ and #6 amongst SS. He is the elder statesman and you still don't really know. Although I agree more top prospects would be good- especially pitching- the odds are a prospect won't put up numbers like the Moncada, Gio or Anderson. I read some stat that like only 30% of first round picks even go on to have average careers much less become stars. When we traded Quintana, Sale, Eaton- you pretty much knew what you had and what to expect. Your Anderson trade to LA sounds great but its also possible none of those players do anything close to what Anderson is doing now. Moncada has actually surprised me this season because most of the time swing and miss issues don't get better. But seeing his improvements this year has me really excited for what he will eventually become.
  11. Justinsettle

    Eloy officially got paid

    No one said he is going to be a bust. But he has had a horrible last month if you include spring training. What you don't want with a 1st year player is that to build upon itself- much like Moncada last year. Put him in a position to succeed. Had he not "got paid" it would have been beyond a doubt the right thing to do to start him in AAA and let him get hot before bringing him up. Hopefully he gets hot on ML pitching and doesn't start the year in a month long slump.
  12. Justinsettle

    Eloy officially got paid

    I’m glad he got paid but he should have started the year in AAA. Had a bad spring training and looks completely over matched thus far.
  13. Justinsettle

    Zack Collins at First Base

    Although fully expected this is sad. Looks like yet another failed 1st round draft choice. And with his swing and miss issues probably will be nothing more than a back up at 1st or as a DH.
  14. Justinsettle

    If White Sox are sold

    Within the next 10 years JR will most likely be dead so the team will change ownership. Do you think the White Sox will move out ot Chicago at that time? I have people say Vegas White Sox- even if we don't operate like it we still are in a big market city. Do you think new ownership would capitalize on that or move the White Sox?
  15. Justinsettle

    Now that I've had a chance to think about things...

    Its not that Machado chose another team- the problem is in the why. Our front office is horrible- and it doesn't need to be restated as it has a million times. But that ineptitude will eventually screw the rebuild because eventually we will need to get a big time free agent. Not spending money when they clearly can spend the money- ticket prices and everything else that goes along with games are going up not down- our payroll remains down. So eventually we will need to go out and get some big time free agents and our FO continues to prove that they are unable to do so. I guess they could still surprise me and somehow get Harper but the odds of that seem pretty small. He wants opt outs- we "don't believe" in opt outs.' I can't wait until JR either sells or dies and at the time hopefully whomever purchases the White Sox doesn't move the team out of Chicago. We just need new ownership and better baseball people running the show. https://www.southsidesox.com/2019/2/19/18232628/why-todays-comments-from-rick-hahn-and-kenny-williams-are-a-big-deal