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    Dear FO: Harper VS Machado, Soxtalk Will Help You Decide

    Interesting perspective and thanks for sharing! If you don’t mind me ask g what do you do for a living? I’ve always found that the key to success is hard work and have always been internally motivated to try harder each day. I always tell myself it’s not what you did yesterday but what you do today that counts. I’m a senior year executive sales rep for a fortune 100 company so it could just be the industry. I played baseball up to college and always worked hard but maybe that’s why I’m in sales and not in MLB.
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    Fangraphs had a good article a couple of years ago about Kyle schwarber. Prospects with major swing and miss issues on pitches in the zone don’t really get better with time. Moncada has major swing and miss issues. Definitely not what I had hoped for after the hype of the Sale trade.
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    New Owner

    I’m more worried the new owner will move them out of Chicago to a potentially more profitable city. Eventually every franchise gets sold.
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    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 04:19 PM) See Jimenez in 2017 for that. Moncada started out white hot and then fell back to earth. He also didn’t do a great job as RHer against lefties and his K rate was way too high. Bryant is one of the very few that improved his z-contact rate. Hopefully Moncada can too. Unfortunately it just doesn't happen often.
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    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 01:37 PM) Jack, I like you bro, but this viewpoint is insanity. Here is one example that took five seconds to think of. I’m sure there are dozens of others I could think if I spent the time. Jose Altuve 2011 (21): 234 PA, .654 OPS, 80 wRC+ 2012 (22): 630 PA, .740 OPS, 102 wRC+ 2017 (27): 662 PA, .957 OPS, 160 wRC+ Yoan Moncada 2017 (22): 231 PA, .750 OPS, 104 wRC+ And the HUGE difference being Jose Altuve- even in 2011- made contact with balls in the strike zone 96% of the time- his career contact rate on balls in the strike zone is almost 94%. Moncada is 76%. I want Moncada to be great one day but the odds are really stacked against him. Major swing and miss issues- just like Schwarber. And that stat historically is pretty much set after 300 AB- it doesn't change much. Like DNA...Maybe he just needs glasses. But the Z-contract rate of pretty much anyone that has a long career in MLB is at least 85%.
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    The problem with Moncada is that he only makes contact with 75% of pitches that are strikes. That is very bad and unlikely to change regardless of how many at bats at the ML level. Its very similar to that of Schwarber which is why he probably won't stay in the majors for very long. Tim Anderson to contrast makes contact over 80% of the time. Fangraphs had an article last year regarding this about Schwarber and showed that no one really improves that rate and the list of players that had similar contact rates and actually had a successful career is relatively small. Also IMO to keep sending him out at lead off is crazy. Its setting him up to fail. Its normal for you young players to swing at balls outside the zone and that gets better with experience- but contact rates in the zone typically don't. I'm not saying he is a bust but it is very concerning over his first 350 abats.