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  1. Mayo should be the headliner with any Orioles deal and Kjerstad/Ortiz as a second piece and then someone like a povich. Then it’s a solid haul.
  2. Everyone seems to favor Kjerstad over him, which is why I labeled that he’d be a second part. I don’t understand the Kjerstad love, but that’s just me.
  3. Coby Mayo needs to be a part of any Orioles deal imo. He’s going to be the jewel of a deal even if he’s labeled as a 2nd part.
  4. Any trade with the Orioles should include Coby Mayo. He has a lot of Machado-esque vibes to him. An infield of Vaughn-Ramos-Monty-Mayo would be an infield you could get behind. Elite arm, and solid raw power to boot. Just have a gut feeling about him.
  5. Granted it was only for one year, but another Grifol guy.
  6. Can we please take a flier on Conforto? Something I’d enjoy.
  7. Why do I have the feeling Larussa is sending out Kimbrel to start the 9th?
  8. Every two strike pitch our faithful have been in it. No matter down 5-1 or up 9-6, LOVE IT
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