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    Taking a hiatus at the end of the baseball season

    I know he wanted this post closed but I think this needs to be said. Sports is a good release for our hectic lives. When things don’t go right, it can get frustrating. What people need to understand is that what is going on with the White Sox will not get fixed right away. If you are expecting big improvements next year then maybe taking off a year is worth it. I hear how the rebuild is a failure, etc. those people saying that have no clue what is going on or just want to vent and complain to make themselves feel better. Unfortunately, I have resorted to do the same thing. It is frustrating as a fan to see people act like that. I want the White Sox to win so badly. The greatest moment for me obviously was 2005. Even then, I was frustrated with fans who complained about the Carlos lee trade. Thankfully they came through. I am dealing with the same kind of frustration from fans now. What frustrates me is why fans don’t understand or don’t care. We are finishing year 2 of the rebuild and only have Moncada, Lopez, Giolito, and Rodon as core pieces of the team and yet fans expect this team to win now. Where does that come from? I love a Cinderella story just like anybody else but to think otherwise is just wishful thinking. Rebuilds come in many stages. Yes, we got many prospects from all the trades. Are they all up here? Us, losing, is also a part of the rebuild. The 4th pick, plus where we pick after this year, is all important to the cause. I laugh at the fans that want to beat teams just because they hate them, when doing so, negatively affects the team. I think this years draft will be more important than ever. Name me 1 rebuild that took less than 2 years when the entire team was gutted. I can’t wait for the rest of the guys to come up. Free agents will also be important. But they are not here yet. Too judge a rebuild now, is just plain dumb. Your crazy if you think next year will be much better. It will be at least 2020 before we see the results. Some say fans will become frustrated with the continued losing. Why? I feel very good about the future. I went to 2 games this year. Not a lot but considering I haven’t gone in 3 years, it’s a start. I see the plan. I see the coming players and feel confident, we’ll be good. I can’t wait till 2020. Losing Kopech, is frustrating but he’s only 1 person. We have much more in the minors. We were not ready to win yet so having it happen now, is the best thing. In 2 years if things have not dramatically changed, I will be very upset and voice my displeasure. Now is not that time. I am happy with how things are going. Hopefully, we lose the rest of our games and I’ll be happier. So if you are concerned about winning then taking off next year may be the best thing to do. It’s not going to happen. I’m going to keep enjoying the continued growth from our minors and hope that who we draft and sign the next couple years will perfectly compliment what we already have. Until then, I like what I see and those that can’t, are choosing to do so. There is nothing that is happening that wasn’t supposed too so if you don’t like it, take time off and come back in 2020. If we’re not winning, will be taking time off too. But I don’t see that happening. Go Sox
  2. Drwhoo1

    Kopech called up

    What does that even mean? Have we been keeping him down for so long? Tell me how long we’ve been keeping him down? That is a ridiculous statement. They weren’t going to keep him down more than this year so your saying 2 years is keeping them down forever. Wow!
  3. Drwhoo1

    Cracks in trust the process

    Thanks for saying it as I wasn’t going to be so eloquent. They were not major league players we traded for. Only 3 have come up since the trades. But whatever, some of these people just don’t get it and never will. If significant progress is not shown by 2020, then clean house. Till then there is nothing to get excited about. I just hope we lose enough this year to get a top 3 pick. Higher if possible as this year means absolutely nothing. Other than that, I do get very excited looking at the minor league box score every night
  4. Drwhoo1

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I agree with some of your points. We got a lot of mileage out of grooming players and trading them for prospects. If you wanted to trade Avi or Abreu, that time was last year. I have always noticed Chicago has a problem with keeping players too long. There is only a couple weeks before the trade deadline. It’s way too late to hope the players improve enough to trade them. The only thing that would make this season a success is by doing what this team was meant to do by design, and that’s losing and getting a high pick. You also need to keep seeing continued improvement in the minors, which is happening. I’m only talking about this year. Next year, depending on what other prospects get called up, will require a different plan. This year was always meant to be bad.
  5. Drwhoo1

    2019 MLB draft thread

    My last couple posts have been confrontational. I am going to try something different. You seem knowledgeable from the posts I have read so I want to try and understand. It seems I always have to argue and it gets old. It started with the Carlos lee trade. I know now that’s just how it is. So what breakouts from main guys are you looking for. Besides Moncada, Lopez and Gio, who do you think is going to be a main guy. I don’t see anybody else. They are all in the minors or future free agents. This is where I am confused. The rest of the team doesn’t matter at this point. Wishing for wins at this point does what? You added an etc after the names you listed. Who else do you want to see do good. I know people hope for everybody to improve but it just doesn’t happen. We’ve seen what these players are and hoping they turn out good is just wishful thinking. Our future lies in the minors. Help me understand why everyone thinks, 18 months after basically gutting the team, that we should be winning at this point. As a fan, it is very frustrating. As I’ve said before, I want to win. After seeing what we got in the trades and drafts since, I feel really good about where we’re heading.
  6. Drwhoo1

    Cardinals @ Sox 7/10/18, Mikolas/Covey

    I don’t want to sound harsh but I don’t think you get it. Outside of 2 or 3 players on offense, do you or anybody else, expect any of the other players to be in the lineup in the next 3 years. I certainly hope not. You are right, it is a shit product right now, but it is supposed to be that way till the players start to come up that we accumulated the last 18 months. If it bothers you, you should not watch them because they should continue to play like that the rest of the year. I don’t want it to change. I just want the prospects to keep getting better and within 3 years, they should be up here. Free agents should take care of the rest. If they don’t make the playoffs after 3 years then I’m 100% with you in taking a step back, as it will be a huge failure. I don’t see it like that. I love the arms in the system, esp the bullpen, and our lineup should be fun. I just hope they don’t screw it up and not get a top 3 pick. Anything else serves no purpose. It’s a lost season. I just get excited thinking about what it will be like in 3 years. Can’t wait but as for now, who cares
  7. Drwhoo1

    Losing Culture

    Now I know that most fans on here just want to complain. They don’t care what is really going on. Because if they did, they would get what this comment says. All this talk of winning this year or next. I guess people just don’t get it. Yes, we have been awful the last decade or so. Yes, there has been nothing to look forward too. But 18 months ago a decision was made to try and rectify it. This team is not supposed to win now. Outside of a couple players, do you really think any of the rest are any good. Now some of you don’t think things will improve even after the changes but I like what I see in the minors. Everything points to us having some good players coming up. Only time will tell for sure but so far things look good. But there is 1 problem, ITS ONLY BEEN 18 MONTHS. What happened before doesn’t matter because there was no plan. What players have been called up in those months. Lopez and Giolito? Can’t forget Moncada. Anyone else? Certainly not anybody considered to be good. Anybody who knows how this rebuild will go right now is just being ridiculous. You won’t know until 2020 at the earliest. By then we should have 2 more high draft picks and some of our high profile prospects should be up. If they suck after that then I am all for getting rid of our entire management team. They won’t deserve to have it. But right now I am very excited with the players coming up. Not just the big names. There is more to our system than just them. I hope everyone understands this and just want to vent. I can’t tell. But I am very excited to be a Sox fan. I’ve been to Wrigley and GRF is just so much more fun. I plan on going many more times because I see the whole picture and it’s looking like it will be good. You should too
  8. Drwhoo1

    Oakland @ CWS 6/23

    I don’t know why anybody cares or keeps complaining about what our team is doing. Yeah, yeah, I want to win. Blah, blah, blah. We finally chose a path. Anybody worth a dam was traded. There is only 4-5 players worth paying attention too. Sorry to burst your bubble but most of these players would not even be on a major league roster if it were not for gutting this team. No matter how much you wish them to be. I don’t understand. It’s only been 18 months. Most of the players we will care about are still in the minors. If I didn’t know about the prospects we have, I’d be pissed too but our future looks awesome. We still need to accumalate more since not all will succeed. I will wait to judge them until 2020. If we are not contending by then, we will need to fire them all. But I’m very happy with what’s coming up soon. You should be too