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  1. I'm fine with this. Wasn't the knock on him that he still held a very Ricky Renteriaesque view on baseball and wasn't an analytics guy? If that is true and I didn't make that up, good.
  2. Idk why I thought the draft was today. I figured a website would have the transactions displayed
  3. Is there a link to watch the draft anywhere? If that is even a thing?
  4. BackDoorBreach

    A Realistic Offseason

    How dare you.
  5. So you're basing this on a comment section that is publically available, got it. Actual executives and reporters are saying the hammer is coming down.
  6. Lol what? Where did you read that because everything coming out is saying the opposite. I think I read they could only be fined somewhere up to 2 or 3 million dollars. There is a 0% chance that is all they get.
  7. BackDoorBreach

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    He has close to the same market that Martinez had. Sox, Jays, Rangers, Rays, maybe Mariners again lol.
  8. BackDoorBreach

    White Sox Offseason Rumors

    Mets have a roster crunch and still need an actual CF. If they get a JBJ or Marte they'll have to shed 1 or 2 of their OFs. Cespedes complicates it some more too.
  9. BackDoorBreach

    What about Collins?

    Roll Tide
  10. BackDoorBreach

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    I was being facetious as Jack believes we should go after G. Polanco because he's "virtually free", as if there isn't a reason for it.
  11. They can probably be in the mix if they hit on free agents or make a good trade or 2. Trading for Betts is mortgaging your future before it's even here.
  12. BackDoorBreach

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    Lewis Brinson would be freeER, maybe we make a push for him?
  13. BackDoorBreach

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    Polanco has averaged 1 WAR a year over 6 years and holds a career .320 OBP. No.
  14. BackDoorBreach

    What about Collins?

    I mean, we'd also have to trade one of Gio, Cease, Kopech, or Lopez.
  15. BackDoorBreach

    Yoshi-tomo Tsutsugo?

    If he'd take a minor league deal sure.