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    Big 10 7-0 Last Night

    Yeah HOOOOOOOSIERS!!! Bracey Wright came up big for us last night. He got 27 points which is a great sign that he's going to be alright after back surgery in May. If Leach can step it up for us on the offensive side, the Hoosiers won't be so bad after all. We have a tough schedule going into the Big Ten. We play Wake on Wednesday in the BigTen/ACC, Mizz on December 7th, and Notre Dame shortly after.
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    FHM 100 sexiest women

    Halle Berry.....::bites fist::
  3. greasywheels121

    Rose traded

    As a Pacers fan, this just makes me even happier that we got rid of Rose. We got Artest in that deal, and he's been a stud. The Pacers are at a league best 14-2 and Artest has no technical or flagrant fouls.
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    Phil Rogers talks Colon, Matsui, Konerko trade

    I'm seeing things on CBS Sportsline saying that Sexson will end up being dealt to the DBacks from the Brewers after all. Report: Diamondbacks to Acquire Slugger Sexson Brewers Will Land Spivey, Overbay, Counsell, Capuano CHICAGO (Nov. 29) -- It appears the Arizona Diamondbacks will be getting the slugger they have coveted. Getty Images Richie Sexson crushed 45 homers and drove in 124 runs last season. According to radio broadcasts in Chicago, the Diamondbacks have agreed to a five-player trade with the Milwaukee Brewers that will bring power-hitting first baseman Richie Sexson to Arizona. After clearing room on the payroll by shipping high-priced right-hander Curt Schilling to Boston on Friday, Arizona would send second baseman Junior Spivey, first baseman Lyle Overbay, versatile infielder Craig Counsell and left-hander Chris Capuano to the Brewers. The trade is expected to be completed Monday after the players complete physicals, the radio station reported Saturday. Lacking punch in the middle of their lineup beyond Luis Gonzalez, the Diamondbacks gladly would welcome Sexson, who matched a career high with 45 home runs last season, two behind National League leader Jim Thome. The 6-foot-8 slugger played every game for the Brewers in 2003, hitting .272 and driving in 124 runs, one shy of his career best. Drafted by Cleveland in 1993, the 28-year-old Sexson owns a .273 career average with 191 homers and 593 RBI in 813 games. The Brewers, who were ordered by the team's board of directors to trim the payroll this offseason, would have a new look on the infield as a result of the trade. Spivey, 28, was one of several Diamondbacks to miss time due to injury last season. Sidelined for 31 games with a sprained ankle, he batted .255 with 13 homers and 50 RBI in 106 games. The 2003 campaign was a disappointment compared to Spivey's breakout season the year before, when he hit .301 with 15 homers and 78 RBI and made the National League All-Star team. Milwaukee hopes the 33-year-old Counsell brings his World Series magic to Miller Park. After scoring the series-winning run for Florida in 1997, Counsell was hit by a pitch to load the bases in the ninth inning of Game 7 in 2001, setting up Gonzalez's championship-winning single. Counsell, who has played all four infield positions during his career, missed 53 games in 2003 after undergoing right thumb surgery. He batted .234 with three homers and 21 RBI in 89 games. In 658 contests with Colorado, Florida, Los Angeles and Arizona, Counsell has a .266 career average with 16 homers and 188 RBI. Given a chance to wrestle the first base job away from Mark Grace, Overbay was unable to produce and was sent to Triple-A Tucson in July. The 26-year-old was recalled in September and finished the season with a .276 average, four homers and 28 RBI in 86 games. Capuano, 25, made his major league debut in 2003, going 2-4 with a 4.64 ERA in nine games, including five starts. The left-hander, who was an eighth-round selection in the 1999 draft, rebounded from Tommy John surgery, which he underwent in May 2002. 11-29-03 17:39 ET
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    Sheffield a Yankee

    LOL they can have the overpaid Sheff.....The past two post seasons in Atlanta he hit well under .200. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that the Bankees problem in the playoffs?
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    My new kickass sig

    LOL Homestar Runner owns.....Gotta love the Strong Bad E-mails.
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    OK, I'll say it....

    Harry Caray would be proud........."Cubs when? Cubs when?"
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    NCAA hoops thread

    Ha no joke. I can't believe GT pulled that off; they're now 5-0 to start the season. I was pretty disappointed in the Maui this year for obvious reasons, but from what I saw posted in another thread it should be filled w/ the better schools again next year. Just the past two years have been fun to watch the Maui as an Indiana resident. Ball State went to the finals 2 years ago beating a highly ranked KU and UCLA on the way to getting beat by Duke ......However, IU's one highlight last season LOL was winning the Maui. It was where Bracey Wright emerged.
  9. greasywheels121

    Phil Rogers talks Colon, Matsui, Konerko trade

    Oh I'm not talking about getting Matsui. I just want this Konerko deal to still go through. Konerko's not terrible, but he's a bit overpayed for what he does. Offensive minded 1B are quite easy to find now a days.
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    Schilling is a Red Sox

    It's kind of nice to think that Boston could be the favorites in the AL East at the moment.
  11. greasywheels121

    Phil Rogers talks Colon, Matsui, Konerko trade

    I sure hope LA's not risky.
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    Morning Wake Up

    I'm all for the OJ....Have any of you guys had those Tropicana Twisters? Good stuff.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    You gotta love the turkey leftovers......
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    SoxTalk Dialectized!

    ....That's so classic LOL
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    Your Offseason Wish List

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    Sox get Sandy!

  17. greasywheels121

    Christmas gift for Ozzie

    You have to go w/ the starting pitcher.....
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    Millwood Eyes both Sox's

    I think I'd personally rather have Colon. Though I'd definitely be quite happy w/ either or. I just hope we end up w/ at least one of these ace pitchers and hopefully sign them to pitch in Chicago for multiple years.
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    Colon News

    Mike Greenberg on ESPN Radio's morning show "Mike and Mike", said his sources tell him Colon is poised to re-sign with the Sox because he "doesn't want to pitch for the Yankees".
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    Had to Laugh at this..

    Ah so you guys don't like my proposals???? ..... LOL i'm just keeeeeeeding.....That guy is a little out there.
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    Griffey's an interesting guy. He WAS the guy that was supposed to surpass Hank Aaron's record. Going back home to Cincy was supposed to be a good thing for Griff. He's had a rough time in Cincy, I'd like to see the guy do well again. If he can stay healthy a full season, Griffey could be back at it.
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    Garland signs a 1-year deal

    Garland really picked it up the 2nd half of the season. Jon's done nothing but improve in Chicago; like people have said, Garland's only 24. He could easily win 17-18 games this season.
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    Sox interested in Tejada

    Well if Mags doesn't want to be here long-term and there's some possibility that we could go after Tejada, I'll be all for some kind of Mags trade. Tejada would have to be here at the least a couple years being that he's a FA.
  25. greasywheels121

    Mets Owner Nixed Koch Trade

    I second that.