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  1. BamaDoc


    If Leury is a super sub, filling in in CF as well as middle infield, it could work. Davidson RHDH and backup first/third.(needs lots of work at third) Palka LHDH and spell OF in corners. (needs work, could he learn first as well?) I would probably carry Rondon over Delmonico for additional versatility depending on options.
  2. BamaDoc

    The Hawk Harrelson tribute thread

    I started with Harry doing Sox games (and Mary Frances Veeck and Friend) listening to a transistor radio picking up WMAQ in Springfield. On west coast swings, I listened under the covers hoping my mom didn't make me turn it off. There was a connection because my dad grew up listening to Harry do Cardinal games. In Alabama now, my son has grown up to be a Sox fan because his dad was. He knows the Hawkisms but it is a little different now days just due to all the media people can listen to. It is sad because announcers are more and more vanilla. He was a homer, he could go nuts, he could ramble but make no mistake...he was ours! Thanks Hawk.
  3. BamaDoc

    Dump Ryan Cordell

    Agree. Every other team is seeing his performance, or lack thereof. Nothing that he is doing would make anyone jump and say, "I gotta have him."
  4. BamaDoc

    Dump Ryan Cordell

    Bingo! You can play your way on (Palka) and off of the 40 man roster.
  5. BamaDoc

    Garfein podcast, in depth with Callis

    I think seeing Kopech up and doing well, we felt pretty good about having four young starters for 2019. Felt like add a fifth, Eloy, others improvement and you could be a surprise team. Losing Kopech just seemed to blow all that optimism up.
  6. BamaDoc

    Garfein podcast, in depth with Callis

    I feel it just shows we are in for a long 2019 as most prospects won't arrive till later that year(Eloy exception) and as we have seen, few are great right away.
  7. BamaDoc

    Garfein podcast, in depth with Callis

    Sometimes you hear what you want to.........pessimist focuses on the setbacks.........optimist focuses on the successes.
  8. BamaDoc

    Kopech had TJS on September 18th

    Get well soon Michael. Back and better than ever.
  9. BamaDoc

    The Dylan Covey Experiment

    So I will repeat, he looks like he will work in relief. For those that don't like wadding thru the numbers I found above, the results against him are very much like him pitching to Adam Engel for every at bat. So one time thru lineup would be like pitching to Engel nine times.
  10. BamaDoc

    The Dylan Covey Experiment

    Split G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR SB CS BB SO SO/W BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB ROE BAbip tOPS+ sOPS+ 1st PA in G, as SP 18 162 142 17 30 2 0 5 0 0 18 31 1.72 .211 .300 .331 .631 47 4 0 2 0 0 4 .236 68 82 1st PA in G, as RP 6 42 40 2 9 0 0 1 0 0 2 7 3.50 .225 .262 .300 .562 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250 49 5 Stats per baseball reference.com To me it clearly indicates he has a role on the team. He needs to be the long reliever. I looked and a six game sample size is obviously small but when you add in first time thru the order as a reliever, I think it is a lot more valid. OPS for second time jumps to .864 as starter and .750 relieving. He looks like a guy who can go two or three innings and be very useful. We may need two longer reliever types depending how we fill 4-5 starter roles. I agree with you he should not start.
  11. BamaDoc

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Looks like 1 and 2 locked up. 20 games to go.
  12. BamaDoc

    Taking a hiatus at the end of the baseball season

    Best of luck Jack! Next year will definitely be trying so stepping away may be best. At least you recognized it was not a positive for you. As an optimist, I found if I go to the minor league box scores first, I can find someone did something good and be happy. That's why I started a lot of those threads. When I look at the majors I spend a lot of time thinking flip candidates, improved draft pick, and needle in a haystack. I realize our AAAA players probably won't stick but looking at it that way keeps me sane.
  13. BamaDoc

    Making the Sox the class of the minors

    I guess I am idealistic. Better food, happier players, better results. Maybe 4-6 players make the bigs instead of 3-5. Treating them better than what they see other teams doing helps with signing early possibly team friendly extensions etc. For what it costs to bring in on over the hill reliever or bench piece you could feed the entire farm.
  14. BamaDoc

    9/6 Games

    https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/prospects/stats/affiliates?date=09/06/2018 http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?sid=milb&org=145&ymd=20180906 Henzman for A+. Need a win down 0-1 in series.
  15. BamaDoc

    Making the Sox the class of the minors

    I was not saying feed Robert and not others. I was saying, even he spends time in A ball and it would behoove us to all we can for each player. You can have roving nutritionalist as well as contracts with local food providers which strengthen the teams presence in their market places. I would just like to see Sox player development answer the questions.