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  1. BamaDoc

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Hahn is now in a win win situation. If Sox do well, he can claim he wanted Larussa. If we don’t, he will take credit for the foundation for which he does deserve a lot of the credit and blame jerry for LaRussa. The GM jobs are scarce and all teams are contracting departments so saying f you jerry and quitting likely means he is unemployed and possibly for some time. Other teams will note he kept the company line and didn’t embarrass the owner which helps him down the line. Now the biggest issue will be who has control over the roster and it’s construction. We used to talk about Hahn vs Kenny. Now is it Larussa over or vs both or all three battling. If this fails, the stories later may be epic. It could work if Larussa only has control on the field. His coaching staff may offer clues. Are they all old Tony buddies or a younger more progressive staff. When did Tony manage without Dave Duncan as pitching coach?
  2. BamaDoc

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    CWS Good list. I was not in favor of his hiring but as a 50 year fan will hope it works. Hopefully, the near universal panning of this move will motivate our manager to really prove people wrong. I mean that in a hopefully good way. You have to be true to yourself or the players will see it is just BS. My values haven’t changed but my attitude towards things have changed over time. I hope he can adapt to today and I also hope the players give him a fair chance. Abreu will be a key in how this works out as well as Tim. Both sides need to listen but ultimately this is about baseball. I wish we had a great manager who everyone loves but don’t see the love part. AJ was not loved but I wanted him on my team. Winning cures a lot. Hope we win early and often.
  3. BamaDoc

    Is Ozuna the Answer in right field?

    No. Not left handed and at that cost hurts ability to spend on pitching
  4. BamaDoc

    Don Cooper appreciation thread

    Thanks Coop! Will never have the complete games in a series like 05 again. That year we also had three different closers.
  5. BamaDoc

    Offseason Targets

    Are you saying you would want Blackmon for Dunning? Blackmon 34 years old and owed over fifty million over next three? Coors field/ bad away splits Blackmon? Couple years ago, I could see.
  6. 1) Ownership is extremely loyal to employees. After a major turnaround season RR will not be fired. No manager looks good when pitching falls apart. 2) Anyone wanting to modernize and embrace modern analytics should remember Ozzie did more things by his gut than anyone back then. I loved Ozzie but the act got old and the ending was terrible. Not a mutual parting of ways, terrible, toxic. Those that complain about lineups now would freak at the "Sunday lineups" Ozzie used. 3) The things we don't see such as communication, managing egos, injuries, RR seems to do well. I notice ex players etc don't bash him and RR seems very likeable. He doesn't seem to have lost the locker room. If the front office/analytics people are feeding RR info or lineups he seemingly handles that, how would Ozzie react to being told who to play. 4) All of the above said, the one who interests me would be Cora. Former Sox(management likes), won with good talent, without being racial his ethnicity fits our core talent(sure sounds racial lol), seems to be modern from analytic usage. Still think RR gets 2021 unless things really go bad.
  7. I think notice has been served that nothing is guaranteed. For years we could allow guys to learn on the job, less so now. Reports were that Lopez was not only surprised he was pulled from his start but angry when he was sent to Schaumburg. Good! He pitched better when he came back but was not on the first round playoff roster. For a guy who struggles with focus this may be the best thing to happen to him. Cease pitched in relief game 2 indicating we didn't think he was worth starting game 3. Notice served. Dunning pulled in first inning. Notice served to all that the leash is shorter. Rodon has to be wondering if he will be released. If they all are back, I bet they can all count to five and know that they are in a competition and better bring it.
  8. BamaDoc

    Offseason Targets

    Being realistic, our team has little depth that I would feel comfortable trading. We saw in this season how it was taxed. A major decision will be what is next years roster size? There are huge financial uncertainties right now. I think we have a relatively quiet winter. Moves made will be about equal to the salaries we lose/cut unless things clear on the financial picture (Covid controlled/vaccine working fans will be allowed). I think we see a depth starting pitcher . Any player additions need to be disciplined hitters and preferably left handed hitting. Maybe the team thinks between Lopez/Rodon/Dunning/Cease you can fill two starters until either Kopech is ready or you add at the trade deadline when again finances are clearer.
  9. When slumping like above, laying a bunt or slapping it against the shift may make sense just to help you mentally.
  10. In the last week Moncada 1 for 21 with 11 k. Robert 1-23 with 9k. Obviously, we need them to turn it around. Not sure if rest isn't in order. Yoan had to come in on his "last" rest day when Tim went out (with Yolmer going from third to short).
  11. BamaDoc


    I think the Sox want him as a starter long term. However, because of how little he has pitched this year (3.1 college innings), I don't think you would pitch him much beyond 100 or so inning next year. That means about three or so innings per start if 30 starts. Because of the inning limits, I could see him being used in the majors as a reliever next year as innings are built. I doubt I would pitch him back to back days but 50-60 games at 1-2 innings would get you there.
  12. BamaDoc

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/20/20

    If he plays, no reason not to put 7-8 in order.
  13. BamaDoc

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    Ozzie had greatest line on AJ. Paraphrase quote “ If he was on other team you hated him. If he was on your team, you hated him less!”
  14. BamaDoc

    Final play in game

    I do! Was having internet issues and when the game ended I couldn't get replay. Even this morning it hung about five times. Finally remembered the 3 min game video always has last out so saw it there. I missed it clear as day. Embarrassing. On another note, I may have met you pre Angels playoff. Met several posters. I had my son with me. He was about 12 at time. Great memories.
  15. BamaDoc

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    A logical approach to Bauer. A no at any point stops the process. 1) Management meets with Ownership to get budget. Is there money to spend? 2) Management prioritizes spending. Do you want to spend on free agent starting pitching vs other needs(there won't be unlimited money)? 3) I do a deep background check on Bauer the teammate. I talk to coaches, former teammates, clubhouse guys, cabbies, waiters, you get it. I worry about his fit in our clubhouse. We have seen bad fits before(Swisher,La Roche drama, Eaton rumors etc). Bauer seems to have a mercenary type image. How would that play in our clubhouse? What do you think he would counsel young players about early extensions(Giolitto)? Do you in management want him as a teammate? 4) Because he is polarizing, I would convene the same leadership group of players who remain with the team that we heard about at the trade deadline, I would present what info I gained from #3 and ask, Do you players want him as a teammate? 5) Management meets with his representation/him. Is there mutual interest? Do we fit his criteria? He must meet with pitching coaches and each agree they can work together. Explain our culture and how he would be expected to fit within it. Would this work? #4 and #5 may switch or be semi simultaneous. We appear to have something special building and don't want to screw it up. Perhaps after 2021 makes more sense when you would have a better idea of our pitching and he wouldn't have any draft compensation attached. 6) Only at this point do I really get to contract terms. Any question at the end of 1-5 that gets a no stops the process.