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    7/19 Games

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    7/18 Games

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    7/16 Games

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    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    I think Jay goes for a low level lottery ticket.
  5. BamaDoc

    7/14 Games

  6. BamaDoc

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    I hope Jay may appeal to someone looking for a vet down the stretch but he might get you a lottery ticket in AZL or DSL. Same for most of what is tradeable. Maybe we could package some borderline people of ours to get a better prospect back. Maybe one of a Jay, Castillo, Yolmer, Leury with a Fulmer or Hansen can get a better return while helping roster issues down the road.
  7. BamaDoc

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    I am getting some stuff together on a 40 man roster post but in a nutshell, the time for trading for multiple fringy prospects is over. We won't have the room to protect them or someone else valuable. You need to add high end prospects which if they are close to the majors, often will need 40 man protection. We need to emphasize high end return not AAAA players and those are usually younger and thus further away. Our time to try a bunch of players and see if someone sticks is pretty much over at the end of this season. The Dodger rumor makes sense roster wise in that we trade two spots for one thus improving the later 40 man crunch. Please don't knee jerk and say there are plenty to cut from the 40 man, there are, but there are more who need to be protected than in some other years.
  8. Is it possible they could co exist as a platoon at DH? Collins doesn't do well vs LHP. Collins OPS about .250 worse vs LHP. Collins also getting some time at first and occasional catching. Yermin as DH and essentially emergency third catcher. Also his OPS much better vs LHP though small sizes each year. I think you could as once Robert is a regular in CF , Leury becomes your super sub.
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    7/13 Games

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    7/12 Games

  11. How many innings do you give any of our pitchers coming back from Tommy John?
  12. I am not sure bringing them up for a month is going to make that much difference. The other teams will expand rosters and they will face plenty of pitchers who may not be any better than AAA. With the rules as they are I may take option 3. It won't be popular but I gain two years of control and two players protected from rule 5 by not having Rober and Madrigal on the 40 man. It will be more important that the young pitchers recovering from surgery do well and having enough depth to ease them back in if possible. How many innings do you let Kopech, Rodon, Dunning and even Cease throw next year. Remember Washington shutting down Strasburg? This board would flip if we shut down a bunch.
  13. BamaDoc

    7/9 Games

    I agree. Keep thinking Walker to AA and Dawkins to A+.
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    7/9 Games

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    7/6 Games