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  1. BamaDoc

    ****Some Observations including Sabermetrics

    I don't disagree with a lot of what you point out but George Brett and Frank Thomas and later Carlton Fisk were Lau disciples.
  2. I would say setting the tone for the team which to me includes managing the clubhouse egos and drama is job one. The second biggest job to me is the handling of the pitching staff and especially the bullpen. I think he has been decent here and concede we don’t have all the information on players health that he does and may not divulge. I also can’t for sure say how much of bullpening is actually done by Cooper.
  3. BamaDoc

    Roster Moves

    Tayron Guerrero was designated for assignment on Jan 2.........guess he is going thru waivers? Encarnacion and Cishek not formally announced and 40 man is full. Delay do to trying to make a deal for 40 man relief? If you say" no big deal, lots of dead meat " why haven't they already done so? Who are your cuts and/or who would you trade?
  4. BamaDoc

    Here’s A Laugh

    I believe Keuchel has won some as well.
  5. BamaDoc

    Year in Review (2019 Soxtalk)

    Happy New Year to all and may we do something new.........Win! Been a long time for us old timers. Thanks to everyone who contributes.
  6. BamaDoc

    ****NEW UPDATED 12/28/2019 White Sox 2020 Roster comments enclosed

    I appreciate the effort. I get long posts from when I started the Reasonable Off Season but this looks like it was written a long time ago and then edited not by deleting but by more comments. Better if you just cut out the unnecessary stuff. Goodish first post and welcome to the board.
  7. If he is “kinda average “ that would be a tremendous improvement over what we trotted out there on many occasions!
  8. I wonder if the 40 man issues are why the signings haven't been announced? Obviously teams know we have to remove someone so not sure you could be working on a 2:1 trade or getting a return not requiring 40 man placement.
  9. BamaDoc

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Ok I have probably called out more people for wanting Alex Wood who couldn't pitch last year because of repeated back issues. In the interest of fairness, I found this in an Athletic article about Houston sign stealing where they talked to Wood As he drove to a throwing session this week near his offseason home in Atlanta, so he is maybe somewhat healthy. At least it didn't say he was in traction or bed ridden. The article also stated he was looking for a pillow contract to be a FA again after the season.
  10. BamaDoc

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    Nice find. I was wondering how they worked together. It goes both ways, Grandal probably put in a good word. Also, Gio probably liked throwing to Grandal or he could have gone elsewhere.
  11. BamaDoc

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    He is a good addition. I had him in my plan to start the year in the rotation and then piggyback with Kopech when he comes up.
  12. BamaDoc

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    isn't he going to be a catcher? LOL for whoever used to post that
  13. BamaDoc

    Wade Miley to Cinci

    Reds pitching coach used to be Vanderbilt's pitching coach. Had Gray in college. In another post, I discussed how many of the college coaches learned how to communicate analytics to players in part because of smaller staffs. I think it helps at the pro level that a coach is talking to you instead of a "nerd".
  14. And easy path to roster as the Sox have several on 40 man who will return to 60 day IL. Some other teams may not want to risk someone on their 40.
  15. BamaDoc

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    I had him in my plan on three years maybe with incentives triggering a fourth. He wants max money and should have a chip on his shoulder after last year. He might like sticking it to his old team several times a year. He is okay if your #3 this year then #4 then #5 in third year. He will want to be paid like a #2. I think he is out there because no one has gone to four years.