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  1. Bighurt52235

    Trade avi in the offseason?

    QUOTE (Heads22 @ Sep 14, 2017 -> 07:33 PM) this season has been weird Lol, GTFO so hard.
  2. Bighurt52235

    Trade avi in the offseason?

    QUOTE (Lillian @ Sep 14, 2017 -> 06:30 PM) Obviously, it depends upon how much money it would require to lock up Avi, for the next 5 or 6 years. If it is going to take more than what the Sox would have to pay for a proven free agent, such as Machado, then the money would be better spent on the more established player. I'm assuming that since Avi has a couple of years to go, before free agency, that he would consider signing an extension, to increase what he would make over those 2 remaining years, and acquire some security for himself. A contract that would take him to age 32, would still give him one more shot at a bigger deal, when it expires. One more point, which some of us are overlooking, is the possibility that we haven't yet seen the best of Avi. He has tremendous power. He may end up hitting a lot more home runs and driving in more runs, even at the expense of sacrificing a few points on that impressive batting average. Look, it's always a gamble with any of these players and the huge money that they are paid. However, a reasonable contract would seem like a worthwhile risk. I'm sorry, are you suggesting that Avi might require more money than Manny Machado?
  3. Bighurt52235

    Sox, Abreu avoid arbitration

    I guess I missed what happened to his 6/68 contract.
  4. Bighurt52235


    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jul 26, 2016 -> 07:10 PM) I tell ya what, it's been a very entertaining season one way or another. The ESPN ball slurping of RV and the Sox was hilarious. That's because nobody dislikes the Chicago White Sox as much as the members of this forum.
  5. Bighurt52235

    White Sox winner!

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Apr 2, 2014 -> 03:33 PM) I think we always say this kind of thing coming off a rough year, but they lose that game last year. To be fair, most teams lose games they're down 2,in the 9th.
  6. Bighurt52235

    White Sox winner!

    Really nice to win this type of game. Let's roooooolllllllll!
  7. Bighurt52235

    Rosenthal: Tanaka to Yankees

    Lol at saying the Dodgers are always afar superior team than the Yankees. I can't even wrap my head around what that means.
  8. Bighurt52235

    GT 8/22: Spoiler Alert, the Finale: SWEEP!

    So two $40 tickets, still $10 for parking is only $90. So you think you and your friend should eat more than a $110 worth of food. Lol. Go to a f***ing McDonalds pre/post. Easy game.
  9. Bighurt52235

    What do you get...

    Q: What do you get if you multiply Robin Ventura by 1.15? A: Jeff Manto
  10. Bighurt52235

    The continuing fall and decline of PHT.

    I don't know what a "pittshoganerkoff" is, but I've really enjoyed saying that out loud for many years.
  11. Bighurt52235

    The continuing fall and decline of PHT.

    After reading through the thread, I would like to clarify that the reason I stopped coming to this site is because it seems the majoriity of people would rather s*** on my baseball team than enjoy their successes (although they're fewer and farther between now). I'd like to come here and "whoop and holler" about Dunn's f***ing bomb tonight with others, but instead I constantly have to read what trash people think he is. I know he's hitting .200, but he's our guy and he's here, and dammit he hit that ball a long way. I've loved every guy but two that have put on this uniform since 1997 when I began watching. Those two guys, Jose Paniagua, for obvious reasons, and for some reason that I don't remember, Scott Schoeneweis. Hell, I even grew that stupid stripe on my chin for Billy Koch when I was 16. Point is, this was a place where I would come to share the intense passion and love I have for the Chicago White Sox, and the last few years its become a place to read people s***ting on what I love. Not too appealling. Other than elrockinMT, of course. That guy has cracked me up for years. And I mean that in the nicest way.
  12. Bighurt52235

    10 years ago today...

    Somehow I forgot about Frank hitting the walkoff that night. It was his 2nd of the game. And FWIW it was actually Konerko's 4th of the year, not 3rd. Coincidentally, the man behind the plate that night, like tonight, was Joe West.
  13. Bighurt52235

    10 years ago today...

    Was one of my favorite days in Sox history. It was the debut of Carl Everett and Roberto Alomar, and I'm a huge sucker for seeing stars put on a Sox uniform. Ken Griffey was a two month hardon for me. Most memorable thing about the game was Paulie's pinch hit HR off Everyday Eddie, his 3rd HR of the season (on July 2nd!). Just thought I'd give some food for thought.
  14. Bighurt52235

    The continuing fall and decline of PHT.

    Grunching, but I agree with the OP. I used to be addicted to this site as well, but it has become nearly unbearable to this diehard Sox fan. Which is unfortunate as it was my only connection to Sox fans as I've lived on the West Coast my whole life.
  15. Bighurt52235

    Frank and Konerko

    QUOTE (Doc Edwards Shot @ Jan 14, 2013 -> 12:09 PM) Maybe for the regular season, but definitely not for the playoffs. As I recall, Frank was a big choker in the postseason. He never did much. In fact, I remember him not even getting a friggin' hit in all 3 games of the 2000 ALDS against the Mariners. Not even one bloop single - NADA. Needless to say, that helped the Mariners with A-Rod, Griffey Jr., and Edgar Martinez sweep the series. I'll take Konerko for the playoffs, thank you. That grand slam he hit in game 2 of the World Series was arguably the single greatest moment in the entire history of this franchise. Maybe even better than winning game 4 to end the series and jump around on the field as champions. An 0-10 doesnt mean anything. And Griffey was a member of the Reds at the time.