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  1. Liam Hendriks is not going to the Braves. They already have Iglesias. If anybody is going to the Braves, it would be Timmy. They are losing Swanson. What about Timmy for Grissom and one of their catchers? We then sign Nimmo.
  2. I have the Sox at $170M, then add 6.5M for Harrison and Pollack buyouts. Add Benintendi at $14M and we would be at $191M, still wondering about a 2Bman and assuming Colas is on the team.
  3. Braves losing Swanson. Have Grissom already in place for Albies. Makes more sense for them than it does for us.
  4. My feeling is Jerry might increase the payroll as this window begins to close. How about Benintendi at $14M and Rodon at $20M? That would give us a payroll of about $207M, keeping Mendick and Sosa/Gonzalez for 2B, with Colas replacing Sheets in May. I know Rodon is very unrealistic, but it seems like we could swing that financially. We would ultimately have Robert, Benintendi, Colas and Pollack for primary OF's, giving us much better defense. Anyway you cut it, though - any real improvement has to come from Grandal and Moncada
  5. Thought I saw somewhere that he might be, and that Mookie Betts would move to second. Not use about that, but the question to the forum is: Would the Dodgers consider trading Lux for Hendriks? Lux is a LHH and would be an excellent addition IMO. Thoughts?
  6. I think our best and most realistic offer would have to include Vaughn, since there are very few teams who would be able to offer a young and proven hitter like him. We would have to include pitching as well, and that would mean either Vera or Kopech. Add Colas and Montgomery (which I believe is way too much), and I would think our offer would be attractive. As others have already stated, the value of the prospects is strictly up to the Nats' scouting people. But I would think that Vaughn, Kopech, and either Colas or Montgomery would be actively considered by them and would be competitive with other offers. This would leave us hoping for Eloy to show he belongs in the bigs, for us to extend Abreu, and for us to find at least one starter.
  7. Has anyone seen any update? I thought he was going in for a detailed exam yesterday.
  8. They probably bailed on trying to match or better the SD offer when they determined that they could not work out an extension deal with Boras and therefore refused to give up requested pieces for one year of Manaea.
  9. They traded away their 1B and 3B. could get both of those positions filled with guys who are cheap, have major league experience, and have lots of potential.
  10. Remember: The last time we had an "AJP" we were World Series champs!
  11. Ironically the Sox played some of their best baseball without those two.
  12. FWIW - Do you think Reinsdorf has put a limit on what the Sox would offer Conforto not because he is averse to spending more than what Grandal got, but strictly because he will not make Conforto the highest paid White Sox player ever with this guy being unvaccinated??
  13. Don't you think that statements from Hahn at this point are merely tactics in an effort to create some market confusion? If the Sox want any of the top RF free agents they have to deal with Boras. If additionally they want to trade with either Cincy or Oakland for a starting pitcher, they would want to make statements that inflate the value of their own players - likewise with Kimbrel.
  14. If the Sox acquire another starter - Manaea?? - there is no room for another BP arm as long as the roster limit is 26. That assumes trading Kimbrel and having to keep Keuchel.
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