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  1. BaseballNick

    Sox claim 1b A.J. Reed off waivers AND send him to majors

    I think he means have Collins learn from McCann before McCann is traded at the deadline.
  2. BaseballNick

    2019 MLB draft thread

    What are the odds Hostetler is eyeing up Bleday over Vaughn and how much weight do you put into SEC vs PAC12? OF vs 1B/DH? LHH vs RHH? Just wondering what your opinions are.
  3. BaseballNick

    5/21 Games

    Fulmer got his first save today for Charlotte.
  4. BaseballNick

    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 05:43 PM) Since I have a significant position in Tesla, and also just because I am a big car guy, I decided to schedule a test drive and see exactly what kind of service/product Tesla offers. Set up an appointment for this morning and test drove a Model S P100D. WOW. What a machine! Was really impressed with everything, from the service, to the products, to the business model, etc. Now they are trying to put the hard sell on me of course. So I’m going to take home a Model X tomorrow night and drive it for the weekend. Should be fun. I'm curious to hear what you think of the Model X. Please keep us posted.
  5. BaseballNick

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (GenericUserName @ Sep 14, 2017 -> 10:27 AM) One guy who I want who I think will be in the second round area is Alek Thomas. He is an CF from Mount Carmel HS in Chicago, he is part of the White Sox ACE program, and I believe his dad is the director of conditioning for the White Sox. He finished second on the 18u national team in batting average and was 5-5 in stolen bases. And he's done all this while still being Mount Carmel's starting QB and I believe he still plays basketball too. So there is definitely more room for growth than most draft prospects. I saw him play in a playoff game his freshman year and he looked the part of a day 1 draft pick even then. He plays above average defense in the OF, and he's got a really nice looking LH swing. I was very encouraged to see him hit so well for Team USA against some top level competition. I also believe he was the POY for the state of Illinois as a JR. The ceiling appears to be sky high for Thomas.
  6. BaseballNick

    The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Sep 6, 2017 -> 06:32 AM) Jesus, Tony is a f*** up The guy needs to quit drinking immediately. He turns into a lunatic or a player after consuming a few drinks. I guess it makes for good TV, but man, what a mess for his family, friends, and kids. Ironic that he was talking about proposing and then hours later he's fooling around with Camilla. He needs some help.
  7. BaseballNick

    The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 Thread

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Aug 9, 2017 -> 10:05 AM) Tony f***ing sucks. He is a complete idiot and really one of the worst competitors on the show. Outside of one dramatic moment per season, he is pretty much worthless. Tony is so lucky to have Bananas looking out for him because he was on the verge of having another meltdown that could have cost him his spot on the show. I get that people have their vices but when it happens over ... and over ... and over... it gets harder to sympathize and easier to root against him.
  8. BaseballNick

    8/7 Games

    QUOTE (daa84 @ Aug 7, 2017 -> 08:13 PM) Evan skoug has been awful lately Half of his at-bats result in strikeouts. He needs to hit the reset button on this season.
  9. BaseballNick

    Luis Robert injured

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 9, 2017 -> 09:31 PM) There is a gigantic disconnect here. By letting him play in the DR for a period of time, the White Sox offer to him is effectively $7 million higher than it would have been if he had played in the United States. This isn't about another million, this is about millions... plural. Seven of them. That is what it would have taken to get him the extra $4 million after taxes that he is getting by staying in the DR. Stop and think about that. They are effectively increasing their offer to him by almost 1/3. Would you like 1/3 more income? Would you be willing to utilize an advantage to gain 1/3 more income? I think your perspective is 180 degrees the wrong way. You are looking at this as the White Sox, instead of as Luis Robert. The White Sox went out and did everything they could to sell their contract and their organization to this kid. If they had tried to fit him into their box, and their rules, there is a pretty high chance he would have went somewhere else. If it takes this kid playing two and a half months of baseball in the Dominican Republic for him to sign with the White Sox it was 100% worth it. Period. THAT alone is the only fact that matters. We have Luis Robert in our system because we were willing to give him this set up. Besides that the idea that somehow because he is in the DR that he isn't getting first class care is so xenophobic and outdated it isn't funny. The White Sox are still staffing and equipping this team with their own personnel who are more than capable of handling all of the points that you tried to make about his care. I was hoping we were past manifest destiny at least though. This is exactly what I have been thinking this entire thread. Very well said.
  10. BaseballNick

    7/3 Games

    Call and Burger both 0-4 in the AZL action today. Sheets was 1-1 with a pair of walks.
  11. BaseballNick

    6/22 Games

    Kanny won 8-5 tonight but struck out 17 times. I'm glad this draft was more focussed on contact because that's a whole lot of swinging and missing.
  12. BaseballNick

    DRAFT TRACKER 2017, and Day One Discussion

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Jun 12, 2017 -> 10:04 PM) Anyone here wanna fill a n00b like me in on this term "arm bar" -- haven't heard it before Burger. I hadn't heard of it either. From the sound of it, an arm bar in a swing is basically upon loading, the hitter gets early extension with his arms which creates a long swing. I imagine the concern is that'll eventually lead to a lot of weak ground outs when he's fooled or the competition catches up with him at more advanced levels.
  13. BaseballNick

    2017 MLB DRAFT

    QUOTE (fathom @ Jun 7, 2017 -> 09:15 PM) Finally realized Burger reminds me a bit of Josh Fields It's funny you say that because after seeing a video of Burger hitting, I thought immediately of Brent Morel.
  14. BaseballNick

    Luis Robert - detailed scouting report with videos

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ May 20, 2017 -> 05:14 PM) Can we follow up on why Jesse SANCHEZ is reporting he might start in the Dominican Summer League for "tax purposes"? That would be throwing a bone to a kid who supposedly took less money to sign with your team. He'd be paying 40% in federal income tax on that bonus in the US vs 25% in the DR. That's a $3,750,000 difference. If the bonus is worth $25,000,000 then he pays Uncle Sam $10,000,000 leaving him with $15,000,000. If he gets paid in the DR, then he keeps $18,750,000 of that money. I'm not an accountant, so I don't know if there's more that plays into this. If this was my money, I'd certainly want to explore all ways possible to preserve the largest payday of my life.
  15. BaseballNick

    CSN Chicago Cornerstones

    CSN is airing their Cornerstones show tonight in two episodes beginning at 7:00. The first episode will feature interviews and behind the scenes footage with the top prospects from AAA Charlotte. Immediately following that they'll do a similar feature in the next half hour on AA Birmingham and A+ Winston-Salem. Ryan McGuffy, producer at CSN Chicago said they have a ton of content, not all of which will air in these two episodes, so they'll continue airing interviews throughout the season on pre and postgame shows. CSN Chicago 7:00pm AAA Charlotte CSN Chicago 7:30pm AA Birmingham & A+ Winston-Salem