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    Your 1st Place Chicago White Sox

    The Beer is getting blander!
  2. S720

    5/28 Game thread: @Kansas City, 1:15pm, WGN

    QUOTE (Soxfest @ May 28, 2016 -> 03:38 PM) 3 in 2 weeks I have not posted on this site for such a LONG time, perhaps years, but today loss is such a painful experience! How could you lose a 6-run lead at the bottom of the 9th inning? WHY THE HELL AM I A WHITE SOX FAN? SUCH A STUPID MANAGER THAT GOT KEPT ON PUSHING DOWN OUR THROATS EVERY SINGLE DAMN GAME!
  3. S720

    White Sox vs. Blue Jays, 5/31/07 (L)

    QUOTE(aboz56 @ May 31, 2007 -> 07:29 PM) Sick to see some of you are actually glad Darin got hurt. Pretty classless. I'd say the time to cut that stuff out is immediately. Just can NOT believe you guys are behaving like this. Sorry but I have to let it out. f*** you guys. You guys have no heart at all. I am definitely through with this site. No wonder many old timers do not post on here anymore. You guys should be ashamed with your behavior. Erstad is playing his heart out for your f***ing team, and all you guys have done are just bashing him day in and day out. Now that he might be seriously injured, you guys are not only enjoying this but have no CLASS at all. You guys are f***ing CLASSLESS. Some of the Cubs fans are behaving much better than you are. You guys are a bunch of whiners. If you guys are that good, why don't you go and play some professional balls. Because you CAN'T! I am done with this site. Admin, take me off your database. I feel embarassed being associated with these heartless kids!!!
  4. S720

    Jermaine Dye??

    QUOTE(StrangeSox @ Apr 25, 2007 -> 05:23 PM) Originally, that was what everyone assumed. Now that he's out of the lineup the next day, people have begun to question it. From ESPN 1000 this afternoon on my way home from work, Dye has some sort of sprain on his hip. It was not for defensive purpose that he was replaced by Pablo last night. Stop bashing Ozzie blindly when people don't even know the fact!
  5. S720

    Scouts, Inc. Top 25 MLB Prospects

    Man, this still hurts quite a bit!
  6. S720

    Randy Johnson trade

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Jan 5, 2007 -> 10:04 AM) You have a pic of Gio is your sig and yet you think the yanks got a better deal? Please explain why you think that? Viz wasnt even that good in the weak NL west last year with a 3.58 ERA as a reliever. I expect him to get SHELLED in the AL east to the tune of a 4.50+ ERA. He is also 32 and not getting younger. Ohlendorf is an old prospect at 25, and really just started to come on this year. He had a 3.29 ERA in AA last year with a pretty good k/walk ratio, but he wasnt regarded as one of their top ten guys. In fact none of those guys were on their top ten list for this year. Here is a summary from some guys who know their system a little better than i. Ohlendorf- This is one of the guys that has been talked about for a while. He doesn't throw hard but he gets it across the plate and gets guys out. Has potential to be in the 3rd spot of the rotation, more than likely a 5th spot or relief. Jackson- I like this guy. He is big and has a good fastball and a real good slider. His problem is he has terrible control. They reworked his mechanics last season and he showed a little improvement. I would have liked to keep him. Gozalez- He has no future with the Diamondbacks. We already have too many SS. He doesn't poses much of a bat but he can sure defend. I'm not real sure on his potential as a major leaguer because of his bat. I like our deal better, not to mention we didnt have to send any money, and didnt pick up a player who is due for a raise. "Grass is always greener on the other side" kind of mentality! With Gio back, our minor league is getting stronger. Hopefully, Cooper will do his magic to bring Floyd back to his "Messiah" potential.
  7. S720

    Rocco Baldelli

    QUOTE(beck72 @ Dec 29, 2006 -> 02:18 PM) FWIW, WSI has a thread on the Baldelli talk. A first time poster [yeah, I know, with "connections"] mentioned BA, Masset and Lance Broadway possibly being involved. Take it with a grain of salt. But something like that is probably worth it. http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/vbullet...2751&page=2 No way in the world I would do this deal! Masset will be an outstanding reliever next year. Rocco does not worth two of our top pitching prospects AND Anderson. Hell NO, I will not do this deal at all. Anderson and Broadway are the most I'm willing to give up for Rocco.
  8. S720

    The Mets Discussion Thread

    QUOTE(SoxFan562004 @ Dec 29, 2006 -> 08:19 AM) I agree with you, I think the only way another starter moves is if the offer is insane. FWIW, this is not worthy of its own thread yet, ESPN in the morning was saying that the Sox are still interested in Rocco, and if they get him they would use some of the new prospects they got. (There wasn't more than that, so it could just be espnradio rehashing old news) It was Bruce Levine who reported that if the White Sox want Rocco, they would have to give up Anderson along with two pitching prospects.
  9. S720

    Why was MB wearing a Cards cap?

    QUOTE(Heads22 @ Dec 9, 2006 -> 10:08 PM) So it strictly matters on how good the player is? I don't have any problem with either, unless Buehrle has been specifically told not to do it. When you are an ace, act like one. Heads22, you should know it. Buerhle is one of the leaders on this team. For a leader who is showing IN PUBLIC his support and love for other team, to me is not RIGHT. You do know what Reinsdorf meant when he said that, am I right?
  10. S720

    Why was MB wearing a Cards cap?

    QUOTE(Heads22 @ Dec 9, 2006 -> 09:54 PM) I believe Mackowiak was at the 05 WS rooting for us while still a member of the Bucs. Does that make him a bad person too? What are you guys talking about? Buerhle is our ace. For an ace who keeps on wearing other team's hat, to me is very offended. If he wears the Cubs hat, what would be your opinion then? Do you guys still give him your support? It might not offend you, but to me, it's very offended. Trade his ass to the Cardinals!
  11. S720

    Why was MB wearing a Cards cap?

    QUOTE(PlunketChris @ Dec 9, 2006 -> 10:37 AM) And really, is that so wrong? I know, there's something to be said for loyalty to your employer. But there's also something to be said for loyalty to the team you grew up loving. It's not like he's on the Cubs doing this. The White Sox and Cards play 3 times every third year, unless they meet up in the World Series. Mark has expressed nothing but love for playing in and for the city of Chicago, and I trust that he'll give us the fair shot when he's a Free Agent looking for a new contract. That said, I'm not gonna be surprised to see him in Cardinal red.. I guess it won't be much different, as we've all already seen the pictures. Does the team you grew up loving PAY for your humongous salary? If you work for the Ford company, would you dare driving a Japanese car into its lots? At least have some courtesy and respect for the team that is paying you huge money to play for it by NOT showing your love for that team in public! And this is not the first time that he has done this. If he loves the Cardinals that much, trade his ass as far as I'm concerned.
  12. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Dec 7, 2006 -> 09:19 AM) I know you hate young players and figure that vets should be on the field at all times. But what was your solution. Did you really think that should of resigned Freddy at current market, or did you want to get a one year rental on a wells type player. I mean the draft pick is pretty sexy, but do you really think that teams were willing to give up major league grade a talent for a 1 year rental. Southsideirish71, do you think Kenny should get more than Floyd and Gonzalez for Garcia? I am not knocking the trade of Garcia. I am terribly disappointed of the unfair-valued return. When everyone knows that the White Sox are sitting pretty with six starting pitchers, all we need to do is wait for few more weeks for Zito to be gone to some team. After Zito is gone, we will have a much better leverage to trade Garcia than it is now. Personally, I feel Kenny is jumping the gun here!!!
  13. QUOTE(fathom @ Dec 6, 2006 -> 11:34 PM) Well, this article is downright scary. http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sp...-home-headlines If KW isn't bluffing, things are about to get very ugly. So much for extending the deals on our starters. Fathom, after reading the article, do you sense it as much as I am that we are witnessing the beginning of the sell-off (salary dump)? And it will be gradually. I truly hope that I am wrong!
  14. QUOTE(TheBigHurt @ Dec 6, 2006 -> 11:33 PM) I really don't know much about these two guys, but as far as I can tell from everyone's reaction, they aren't too pretty. I know a little about Floyd, but not much about Gio. Based on everything I've read here, would we not have been better off with just garcia, or what? Cuz everyone seems ready to start a riot over this trade. I have to admit, though, I saw a headline saying the Sox made a trade with Philly, and I was hoping I'd see the name "Jimmy Rollins." Hell, "Aaron Rowand" would've made me feel a little bit better. All you need to know about Floyd is his era last year was 7.23! Goddamn it!
  15. WHAT THE F**K HAS KENNY BEEN SMOKING??? How can you only get Floyd and Gonzalez for Garcia, a 17-game winning pitcher??? What the hell is going on here??? Floyd's era last year in 11 games was 7.23! How can Kenny be this f**king stupid??? I don't even care if Kenny can flip them to the Devil Rays for Rocco. For Garcia, we can get much more than Floyd and Gonzalez. With all the baseball experts have stated how beautifully the White Sox have been sitting and waiting for the market to clear out with the surplus of starting pitchers that they have, now we have lost that edge thanks to the stupid move by our GM Kenny!!! You gotta be f**king kidding me!!!