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  1. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 7, 2012 -> 04:05 PM) I think you are completely missing a couple of things here. first that wasn't some singular decesion that was made. There was the usual posts and threads discussing this when it happened originally. second this thread has been here for days and something likr two or three people have agreed with ditching the current format, one of whom doesn't even post here anymore. Unless a bunch of people start speaking out of no where, I would tend to say the people have spoken with their silence. I'm not sure why I chimed in, or why I visited the site in the first place. I will disappear again, but if I remember correctly, the catch-all thread happened because the admins didn't know how to handle the waves of new users after the World Series title. It was an understandable decision. Now that things have calmed considerably, it's odd that the system is still there. I don't frequent this place anymore, so you're probably a better judge of the sites activity than I am, but just by looking around and also seeing this complaint leads me to my case. Sure, not a lot of people have spoken out against the catch-all thread. But the community and quality of discussion doesn't appear to be growing either. 10 years though. Very impressive. Congrats Jason.
  2. QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Sep 7, 2012 -> 10:43 AM) Anytime something big comes up (like the AJ on peds rumor) a new thread is created and it gets discussed. It's just that those big events don't happen all that often. There's only so much to talk about during the season. Most people have a pretty good idea of what deserves it's own thread and what can be thrown in the catch-all. I think the catch-all actually promotes better discussion about the minor things that happen day-to-day with the Sox. The subject gets discussed and the conversations ebbs and flows as needed. Commenting on a guys batting average or who you think should start a certain game doesn't necessarily deserve an entire thread. With the major threads, there are usually only so many things that can be said. Typically everyone decides which side they are on, it gets discuss for a few pages, then somebody new comes in and repeats a thought that has been expressed 100 times already in the same thread. Then it all starts over again. Either that or the thread goes off-topic and a completely different discussion breaks out. I'm just saying, in my asshole way, that the admins are promoting the catch-all thread for the wrong reasons. In their typical fashion, they defer the point to something else entirely. I don't disagree with anything you're saying, but I don't agree with it either. SLAM handles catch all threads much better than PHT because there are different categories for them. Over there, it works. In PHT, it's one giant thread with god knows what in there. When you click the thread, there's very little telling what the new post(s) is going to be. To me, it makes more sense to let the community decide what a popular topic is. Since there is a divide on whether or not to use a catch all thread (and one is being used), the community is already failed. The current catch-all destroys the way a message board is supposed to work. My point is that there is very little overall effect with more 1 or 2 post threads because the software is designed to weed those out. By having a catch-all thread, you're making decisions for your users instead of letting them decide whether or not to make a reply. In the end, a portion of the user base feels alienated and the forum gives off the appearance that it's dull because only a select few threads stay at the top. It never f***ing changes. And then when you have people who don't like the catch all thread, they don't read it. In turn, they don't post. And they eventually leave. Furthermore, more topics means more search engine results, which means more people who've never seen this site have an opportunity to see the site. Thus, the userbase grows. QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Sep 7, 2012 -> 10:43 AM) With the major threads, there are usually only so many things that can be said. Typically everyone decides which side they are on, it gets discuss for a few pages, then somebody new comes in and repeats a thought that has been expressed 100 times already in the same thread. Then it all starts over again. Either that or the thread goes off-topic and a completely different discussion breaks out. I am of the belief that the catch-all thread encourages this effect. Although this effect will always be around to some extent, I think there's more chance different types of discussion open up if more topics are created. Under the current idea, there's much less chance for it.
  3. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Sep 7, 2012 -> 08:05 AM) g**damn i missed that gif. Whats up Bob Still love you.
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 7, 2012 -> 07:53 AM) Way to ignore the last 10 years where technology has shifted from the message board style format to one centered around twitter and facebook, and blame it on not having one post topics on the front page. So SoxTalk is centered around Facebook and Twitter now? What are you talking about?
  5. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 6, 2012 -> 08:03 PM) PHT is dead? Why did you ignore what I was really saying and jump to defense against a statement that really meant nothing? Seems the status-quo hasn't changed around here. It's been dead for a few years now and it's in the same boring state it was when I left two years ago. But like I was saying, message boards are meant to have new threads. New threads keep s*** interesting, and even though it may look "messy," it encourages participation and discussion. You notice the growth of this place has been stagnant for years? Before you answer that question, it was rhetorical. The userbase very well could be growing. But the discussion isn't. By just looking around I can tell this place is in a never ending loop, forever caught in a self-created meme and circle-jerk. Go Bears.
  6. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 6, 2012 -> 02:42 PM) 7 of the 16 unpinned threads have 50 or more responses in them. I think the catch-all prevents 1 to 2 post threads, which push decent discussions off of the front page. I really do think there are something that are worth knowing, that don't need their own thread. For example, a guy moving from A to AA doesn't need its own thread on the minor league board. Something talking about the percentage of sliders Chris Sale through the other night doesn't need its own thread, but it is worth mentioning. This would be a great point if not for the fact that a message board is already designed to promote the high discussion topics by pushing them to the top of the forum. The catch-all thread killed PHT. Let your userbase decide what they want to talk about and let the message board work how its supposed to work.
  7. QUOTE (Kalapse @ Dec 30, 2010 -> 12:52 AM) Funny that you mention this because I have a couple of friends who have recently doled out around $200 on Blu-Ray players when they could have had PS3's for -- as you said -- about a hundred dollars more. CNet mentions this all the time: the industry standard for Blu-Ray players is the PS3, it is the absolute best quality Blu-Ray player on the market, when CNET does their reviews of Blu-Ray players they compare the quality to a PS3. Oh and on top of that top notch Blu-Ray player you get a built in 160 gig hard drive, internet browser, amazing media center and oh yeah; it plays PS3 games. Whenever someone brings up possibly purchasing a Blu-Ray player I always recommend ponying up the extra dough and buying a PS3, you just get more bang for your buck even if you're not going to play games on it. Vudu makes the PS3 a clear winner as far as media centers are concerned.
  8. RicBucher: Thanks @jpac87 for pointing out I forgot an element in my last tweet. Scenario: Bosh to Hou in S&T. Amare to NY. Booz to Mia. Chi: ummm...
  9. QUOTE (Chet Kincaid @ Jun 24, 2010 -> 01:17 PM) For those of you who are asking whether they should get an iphone or a droid phone, consider this: The line at every apple store and everywhere else that sells the iphone is a mile long today. How many lines have you seen for ANY other phone before?
  10. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ May 26, 2010 -> 08:23 AM) Mr. "In Charge" isnt a big fan of excessive sticky threads. And this would be kind of excessive I imagine there is an IP Board add-on that can go in the toolbar up top that shows if there is anyone in the chat room. I can look into it if there is any interest in this kind of thing.
  11. QUOTE (knightni @ May 16, 2010 -> 09:38 PM) It certainly drags on my computer less than BobDylan's signature gif. You could try one of the 13,000 browser block add-on's and simply right click it and select "block." Or... ditch your Windows 95 machine and join us in the 21st century?
  12. Perhaps put it underneath the footer so it isn't so intrusive. Or have somebody design a new banner that would incorporate the look of the box score on top of it.
  13. QUOTE (Kalapse @ May 7, 2010 -> 03:37 PM) I think if The Show hadn't come out a within a week of Just Cause 2's release I probably would have picked it up. Now we're getting into some big releases as the year goes on so Just Cause is getting pushed by the wayside. Once it hits about $35 on Amazon (it's at $50) right now I'll probably pick it up. I think it's complete and utter lack of a storyline could work in its favor here where all the fun comes from just f***ing around and exploring the environment so 20 minutes here and 40 minutes there a few times a week you're getting an awful lot done unlike a game with a lot of cut scenes required tasks that take up a good amount of your time. It's an easy 30-40 hours skipping through the cutscenes and without doing the sidequests. It's a really long game, which is a bonus to me. But even so, I'm starting to feel like it's worth the wait for the price drop on all single player only games. Hell, wait long enough and you can end up getting it for just a few bucks.
  14. QUOTE (Kalapse @ May 7, 2010 -> 03:09 PM) The shooting mechanics in the Just Cause 2 demo just seemed 'off' to me like they'd be incredibly annoying in a fire fight. That's probably the reason why I haven't picked it up yet. The auto-aiming is off, that's for sure. It's also worth mentioning that the story might be the worst in gaming history. But that aside, I can't think of another game where you can throw a grappling hook at an enemy, then attach the other end of it to a vehicle and ride off for hours dragging the carcass around. As far as open world games go, it is the most impressive landscape I've ever seen and I don't think any other game really comes close. The size of the map is just ENORMOUS. I believe it is the biggest open world map in gaming today, but feel free to fact check me. The variance in the landscape is impressive/beautiful. Driving across the map (corner to corner) took me about an hour. Flying in a jet was about 15 minutes.
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