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  1. bmags

    My Cabinet:

    i voted for you rex. Mainly because of your photoshop skills
  2. bmags

    My Cabinet:

    gpratt is our very own king tut. Our very own king arthur. Our very own Doogie Howser.
  3. bmags

    My Cabinet:

    haha, this thread
  4. bmags

    The Office

    cool...my only final on friday is at 4 pm so i get to enjoy it
  5. bmags

    The Office

    is the office on hiatus?
  6. bmags

    A-Rod deal heating up?

    i'm pretty sure seattle would love to have arod back right now.
  7. bmags

    A-Rod deal heating up?

    maybe if the yankees pitching had been better they would've won, eh?
  8. bmags

    A-Rod deal heating up?

    guys i hear this is a salary dump with pujols. He's one of the best players in baseball. Have fun with this rumor i started.
  9. bmags

    A-Rod deal heating up?

    so we dump garcia, dump buerhle, and then who do we have left to trade again?
  10. bmags

    Sox show interest in Toronto's Wells

    i like looking at this thread because it reminds me of when we were going after players that will help us win now
  11. bmags

    Corporate America going AWOL

    wow, when the article first started i thought the guy was gonna disappear and the new trend was corporate employees just vanishing for real
  12. QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Dec 7, 2006 -> 06:05 AM) Funny, for the past 6 months all I've read on this board is that Freddie sux. So, why would it surprise you guys that we didn't get sh*t for him? when ted f***ing lilly is getting 4 for 40
  13. i'm real late in hearing this. but shoot me in the face.
  14. bmags

    Mary Cheney to have a baby

    you guys think david crosby was the father again!?!?!?
  15. bmags


    can we impeach you after we elect you?
  16. bmags

    The "Whatever Happened to..." Thread

    or yo yo's... they still make those? They got banned in my elementary school because kids heads were getting cracked. I stayed away from those devil spinners.
  17. bmags

    The "Whatever Happened to..." Thread

    whatever happened to zippin
  18. bmags

    White Sox still "enamored with A-Rod"

    a 50 oz louisville slugger
  19. bmags

    LOST! thread

  20. this is a gag-inducing trade
  21. bmags

    How to B.S. an essay.

    Thesis: Man that racism be bogus!
  22. bmags

    Lion Multilates 42 Midgets in Cabodian Ring Fight

    this story was in maxim a bit ago. lousy mag.
  23. bmags

    Book Thread Part 2

    his martha stewart piece on how to decorate her vagina was so funny
  24. bmags

    White Sox still "enamored with A-Rod"

    i can't imagine this actually happening.
  25. bmags


    damn, can't go to hold steady. Awful timing hold steady, awful timing.