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    I Believe in Beckham

    I believe in Beckham.
  2. OilCan

    Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are on my List to visit. Sadly, the only National Park that I've been to is Carlsbad Caverns. Pretty awesome site. I must increase this list. I've been to many state parks (Sandia Peak in New Mexico, plus some Texas State Parks). Garner SP is my favorite in TX.
  3. OilCan

    7/19 Games

    Jared Mitchell. Wow. 3-phase player? K, Hit, ???? Ok, two phase. Also his pic on milb.com makes him look a little bit like R-Truth. Daniel Black in W-S. I understand he's 25 and in High A, but his BA has been increasing every month. He hasn't hit for too many HRs this year. Understand too that Wilkins is blocking his path in AA. I know that I'm reaching here. Same with my Shoemaker mancrush. For fears of getting slammed I will not mention Cyle Hankerd and his 18 HRs in 167 ABs in A ball as a 27 year old. Going the other way...Carlos Sanchez has hit a dry spell, it will be interesting to see how he responds the rest of the way.
  4. QUOTE (59th street @ Jul 19, 2012 -> 09:36 PM) Quintana has been unbelievable. Truly a shame to have this happen a second time in @ a month. ...but; this is baseball and strange/bad things happen over the course of a long season. This one really hurts but it does NOT end the season. The biggest culprit in my opinion has been our lack of offense. SOX have beaten Verlander 10 times. There is a lot of baseball left to play and we have been a very gritty team. Now is not the time to overact to the emotions of a very difficult and unpleasant loss. GO GO WHITE SOX! And the Sox are still in first place. It's a miracle season (so far) with what's been going on right. Let's see how the boys do in Detroit.
  5. OilCan

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    Keenyn Walker was promoted today to Winston-Salem.
  6. OilCan

    2012-2013 Official NHL thread

    Bernier may be young and inexpensive, but the Kings know that those in demand for a Goaltender can ask for a hefty price. Fortunately, the Hawks may be able to swing a deal with prospects/draft picks. The Kings may ask for the Hawks' top prospects at any position (Saad, McNeill, Olsen) plus multiple draft picks.
  7. OilCan

    7/5 games

    And before anyone tells me, I get what Goldstein is saying. The Sox don't have a Trout, a Harper, a Pomeranz in their system.
  8. OilCan

    7/5 games

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 6, 2012 -> 02:08 PM) They had the guy from Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein on 670 around noon. Said that basically none of the White Sox rookies were "impact" guys, except for Reed. Made the comment that if the Cubs brought up their Iowa roster, they would have 13 rookies but that wouldn't make them good. He had actually predicted Sox for 2nd and around 83-87 wins. Expressed surprise about Quintana and Nathan Jones. The question was raised....how long would it take for Quintana to be considered as more than a fringe prospect or back of the rotation/long man...and the reply was that command and control guys, even left handed, who throw 88-91 are a dime a dozen. Then one of the radio guys asked....well, when do we start saying he's actually maybe better than that, project him as a Danks/Buehrle/Glavine type? And the response was...how many young pitchers with similar stuff are compared to those HOF type pitchers and how many actually come close to delivering those results? Goldstein is quickly becoming another Keith Law in my book. His tweets would disparage anyone who debates him. I guess Wins doesn't equal "Impact Guys" in his book, does it? Guess what Q is doing doesn't "Impact" the team. Same goes for Jones, Reed, etc. I guess it just makes their job(s) HARDER to actually rate talent based off of more than what's on the back of their baseball card. Hope the White Sox continue to show these idiots that they're wrong.
  9. OilCan

    What bullpen guys should KW go after?

    I'd say none too. With Humber and Crain going to come back soon, that will start to shift some players around; same goes for John Danks if he gets healthy this year.
  10. OilCan

    International Signing

    If anyone subscribes to Baseball America, there's an in depth scouting report available.
  11. OilCan

    7/2 Games

    Kinda cool to see a 17 year old at Bristol - Jose Barraza, C. Also...Euclides Leyer, 19 yr old pitcher from the DR. 24Ks in 16 IPs. Not bad! Aaaannd...Bryce Mosier, C at Great Falls is having quite the game tonight. Good for him.
  12. OilCan

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    Brady Shoemaker: YES! YES! YES! YES!
  13. OilCan

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    That's too bad, because... Couldn't find any additional info on Twitter/Google on Castro's injury. We'll probably hear more today.
  14. OilCan

    Nestor Molina

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jun 29, 2012 -> 03:41 PM) Well, he's on the DL right now, for I believe, elbow tendonitis. Keep in mind also that this is a converted position player, still learning how to go from throwing to pitching. I'd be patient. Let's see how he does when he comes back, and not just for core results - look for improvement in control, K rate, etc. +1. He's only 21-22. Let's cut him a break and see what happens after he comes back from the DL. If a guy like Marco Paddy told KW to get him, I would trust his assessment.
  15. OilCan

    2012 White Sox draft picks

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 29, 2012 -> 08:58 AM) Top unsigned picks... Anyone know if we have a chance at these guys? 13 (411). Derek Thompson, LHP, John A. Logan College, IL 15 (471). Jordan Guerrero, LHP, Moorspark Highschool, CA 17 (531). Sammy Ayala, C, La Jolla Country Day HS, CA Based on earlier webnews on Ayala, he's more likely to head to college. I haven't heard anything on Guerrero. Thompson - there's a story that he's leaning either way, so say 50/50 on him.
  16. OilCan

    AAP: Brady Shoemaker

    QUOTE (BigEdWalsh @ May 12, 2012 -> 05:42 PM) Been a long time since I updated ol' Brady. He just turned 25 two days ago. Not considered a prospect due to his age. Nonetheless, he has hit where ever he has been. Last year, .319 in 99 games at Kannapolis and .273 in 19 games at W-S. So far this year, Brady is hitting .331 for the Dash (God I hate that name!). Shoemaker doesn't strikeout a ton like certain other outfielders in the Sox minor league system and always has a nice OBP. I sure would like to see him called up to Birmingham to replace......hmmmm, maybe KW Jr.??? I really wish KW would promote the kid to AA. He really has nothing left to prove in Single A.
  17. OilCan

    AAP: Yolmer (Carlos) Sanchez

    Jon Sickles' blurb on Sanchez.
  18. OilCan

    AAP: Jefferson Olacio

    What does he throw? I'm thinking FB, CH and something else. Thanks.
  19. Current stats, both minor and major leagues And it wasn't as if Jose was awful in the Yankee's farm system, he did pretty good in 2011. Scouting Report - SSS Fangraphs - Pitch Type, looks like he has a slider too. Per Wiki, Quintana's past.
  20. OilCan

    AAP: Jose Guillermo Quintana

    Good question, I'm not sure. I think it was for PEDs but can't prove it.
  21. OilCan

    AAP: Jose Guillermo Quintana

    Is this the shortest running AAP that might be closed soon?
  22. OilCan

    The Jose Quintana Appreciation Thread

  23. OilCan

    AAP - Erik Johnson

    Extended look at the White Sox system (written 6/15...also some stuff on Molina, Saladino and Mitchell)
  24. OilCan

    AAP: Kevan Smith

    He's off the DL and is still hitting. Maybe a promotion to WS is in the cards soon?