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  1. Thanks for the feedback. This will serve as motivation for us to bring them back. We've been doing some back end stuff since moving to the new site and realized most of the profiles didn't transfer over properly or at all. A lot of dead links and empty pages. We took them down temporarily and are figuring out what to do with them.
  2. I'm not sure if Reinsdorf still has much stake in Stadium. Sinclair upped its stake in Stadium this past fall, which explains the Marquee connection. https://www.si.com/johnwallstreet/sports-business/sinclair-stadium-deal
  3. Actually, I don't mind that one. You can at least tell what that's supposed to be. The Reds one is so nondescript because the outline is so small: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/new-era-mens-cincinnati-reds-red-2020-spring-training-39thirty-stretch-fit-hat-19newmmlbrdstcsprcin/19newmmlbrdstcsprcin
  4. It's like someone accidentally forgot to turn a layer off in Photoshop and then made the entire line like that. Absolutely awful. A few of them are cool, but the White Sox one honestly might be the worst of the set
  5. I keep hearing that. I will have to pick this one up soon. It reminds me of Infamous based on the gameplay I've seen.
  6. Not enough talk about Bryan Ramos on here. Dude is 17 and more than holding his own in the AZL. .277/.353/.415. Solid walk rate, showing good power for his age, K rate is just over 20%. I'll take that profile over DJ Gladney's comically high K rate, for example.
  7. It might over a longer period. The point is it took two games for his numbers to go from sucking to pretty decent. If you can do that, there's nothing to worry about. His K rate is low, his walk rate is there (although DSL walk numbers are pretty useless), his OPS is above .800. Good enough for now. Start more serious evaluation next year at a full season affiliate.
  8. Maybe no one should have been freaking out about less than a month's worth of DSL games fresh off signing a new contract. Really, no one should give a shit about DSL games in general, but certainly not in this context.
  9. They're third in the IL in average attendance and less than 100 from the league leaders
  10. I know Ramon Torres is just org depth but the guy is on the hot streak of his life since moving from Bham to Charlotte
  11. I just wanted to show my support for the points made here. I don't think Rutherford is much of a prospect at this point. No reason to totally bail on him, that doesn't accomplish anything, but I'm not seeing reason for optimism. Sheets is starting to look like a legit bat. Him and Stiever can combine to make a decent trade package in the offseason.
  12. We are shooting for a release next week. First week after the deadline passes.
  13. Good spot. Zavala catching and Collins at first, too. Looks like they're getting creative with ways to get all three in the lineup. Those three plus Robert and Mendick are the only players of any consequence (safe to say the White Sox have given up on Palka?) in Charlotte so it's good to see them all in the lineup at the same time. Not a great team defense though ha. The poor pitches already have to deal with that ball in that park and now they have a bad D to go with it.
  14. Ivan Gonzalez got moved up to Great Falls a couple days ago, but he hasn't played there yet.
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