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    Alright begin

    Better off just referring to "the holidays."
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    Alright begin

    Well, I guess it is.
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    Alright begin

  4. clyons

    Todd Frazier Available

    For some reason I keep picturing him as an Indian, but I have no idea if they even match up in trade.
  5. clyons

    Star Wars movies

    I was 12 when Star Wars came out; right in the target audience's wheel-house. I loved it; first movie I ever saw twice at the show. I remember all the hype for "Empire," reading all I could about it in advance, and still being shocked at the big reveal. I was disappointed with "Jedi" and most all of the others since (although I kind of liked "Sith"). Although I got excited about but then was let down by trilogy 2, I am still optimistic and looking forward to the new one. I will try to see it early, but have not been moved to buy tickets yet and will certainly not camp out or anything like that..
  6. clyons

    Plans for rest of the Off Season

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Dec 10, 2015 -> 08:58 AM) Remember, keep this thread strictly to plans of what Sox could/should do given the current moves already. Do not stray off topic. Sign OF Justin Upton 6 years/125 million Trade OF Avail Garcia, SS Tim Anderson, SP Frankie Montas, and 2B Micah Johnson to the Reds for Todd Frazier Trade RP Zach Putnam to the Diamondbacks for Competitive B Draft Pick Trade 1B Adam LaRoche + Cash to the Pirates for 1 lower level minor leaguer Lineup: LF Adam Eaton (L) DH Melky Cabrera (S) 1B Jose Abreu RF Justin Upton 3B Todd Frazier 2B Brett Lawrie C Alex Avila/Dioner Navarro (L) (S) CF Trayce Thompson SS Tyler Saladino 2B/SS Carlos Sanchez (S), OF J.B Shuck (L), C Alex Avila (L)/Dioner Navarro (S), Rule 5 pick/FA/Mike Olt Rotation: SP Chris Sale (L) SP Jose Quintana (L) SP Carlos Rodon (L) SP Erik Johnson SP John Danks (L) Bullpen: RP Jacob Turner (long man) RP Jake Petricka RP Dan Jennings (L) RP Tommy Kahnle RP Zach Duke (L) RP Nate Jones CP David Robertson Thoughts? This would make me very happy.
  7. clyons

    2015-16 NCAA Football Thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Dec 7, 2015 -> 12:28 PM) Steve Sarkisian is suing USC: http://documents.latimes.com/sarkisians-complaint-damages/ Steve Sarkisian is shameless.
  8. clyons

    Sox Sign Dioner Navarro

    I recall Navarro being a future HOF'er around the same time Edwin Jackson was, many moons ago.
  9. clyons

    Illinois fires AD Mike Thomas

    Good Riddance. The report must be bad. Edit: Or not so bad (I see that the statement says the firing is "without cause").
  10. clyons

    **2015 World Series - Mets vs Royals**

    QUOTE (flavum @ Oct 27, 2015 -> 11:29 AM) If Uribe plays and the Mets win, he'll be number 9 to play and win the Series for three different teams. The last three were Dave Stewart, Jack Morris, and Lonnie Smith. A couple 59 Dodgers were before that (Roger Craig, Clem Labine), and the others were in the 20's....Wally Schang and Bullet Joe Bush were teammates in 1913, 1918, and 1923. Ironic that his screw up on the basepaths in G7 of '91 is probably what kept him from winning 4 with 4 different teams.
  11. clyons

    Happy Anniversary!

    I was there. Yes, it was awesome.
  12. clyons

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    QUOTE (scs787 @ Oct 22, 2015 -> 04:31 PM) Thanks fellas! He responded with a "That's just the last 30 days" I hit him back with a "Well, don't Sox fans catch heat for talking about the past?". Nice.
  13. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 22, 2015 -> 04:15 PM) Fight yesterday, cut today. No idea what fight was about, as of yet. Thank you.
  14. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    What is the report? Did the fight come before or after he was cut?
  15. clyons

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    QUOTE (shipps @ Oct 20, 2015 -> 03:36 PM) So what do you guys think? I am leaning towards Russell's smile being the best IMHO. http://abc7chicago.com/sports/which-cub-ha...smile-/1042434/ fathom and buerhle>wood???? Good Lord. The end can't come soon enough.
  16. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    Long article, but pretty spot on. http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/what-if-t...-too-1737539377
  17. clyons

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    QUOTE (bmags @ Oct 20, 2015 -> 02:33 PM) Surprised Bryant stays 3rd Nah. He shouldn't be, but Maddon isn't going to do anything that could be perceived by his young troops as panicky.
  18. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    I was 12 when Star Wars came out, and I can remember sitting in the dark hearing the "I am your Father" line from The Empire Strikes Back as if it were yesterday.
  19. clyons

    2015-16 NHL thread

    Duncan Keith out 4-6 weeks with torn meniscus. Sigh.
  20. clyons

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 20, 2015 -> 08:35 AM) Bill Murray was on Jimmy Kimmel and apparently said if the Cubs were to win the WS, Cubs fans could become unbearable. If a Cubs fan says that........... "Become?"
  21. clyons

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 15, 2015 -> 12:39 PM) Is anyone else as sick of Eddie Vedder as I am? I am. I feel like he's taking much deserved publicity away from Jim Belushi.
  22. clyons

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    I keep telling myself over and over, "Good pitching beats good hitting," especially in October. Overall, both the Mets and LA have better, deeper rotations, so there's that.
  23. clyons

    Cubs-Cards NLDS

    QUOTE (fathom @ Oct 13, 2015 -> 10:19 AM) I've read a few places lately they'll go after Price and Lackey for their rotation. I think Price reuniting with Maddon is nearly a given.
  24. clyons

    ALDS: Astros vs. Royals Thread

    I am now homeless. Thanks, Greg.