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  1. Knackattack

    Home Opener Game Thread! White Sox vs Tigers

    Delminico benched but Engel starting... Renteria doesnt do a very good job making decisions
  2. Knackattack

    The Jason Benetti and Sox Announcing Thread

    I really dislike Benetti. The guy has 0 charisma, say what you will about Hawk but that guy's enthusiasm was contagious and he actually had knowledge of the game. Benetti just feels like some guy that has watched a couple seasons of baseball and looked up sabremetrics
  3. Knackattack

    White Sox Bullpen Battle

    QUOTE (WBWSF @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 02:11 PM) I'm not all doom and gloom. I like to think positive in life, especially when it comes to the White Sox. I'm not the second coming of Jay "Woman Beater" Mariotti. There is a chance that the 2018 starting rotation of the White Sox could actually turn out to be good. Rodon, Kopech, Lopez, Fulmer and Giolito could actually become a good rotation. Wouldn't you want Robertson closing these games instead of what they have in the bullpen now? I don't find anything good about young pitchers pitching good games and have a useless bullpen blowing those games. Then again if the objective of the team is to lose as many games as possible in order to get a high draft, I can understand that thinking. I'm sure everyone would prefer seeing Robertson come out in the 9th other than anyone we have now (save a resurrected Nate Jones), but having Blake Rutherford in the system as a potential high ceiling starting CF was more valuable to the FO's vision of what the current state of the Sox is and those are the guys we have to trust to make our team a winner.
  4. Knackattack

    Should the white sox buy a prospect?

    There's always the possibility that the Dodgers could kick something like 8-10M the Sox way towards Kemp for 2019 and at that point, if he hits in 18, some teams may be much more interested in adding him at the deadline considering he would be a solid 9-10M DH, allowing them to gain even more prospect capital for him. Smart move to think about but definitely not a necessity
  5. Knackattack

    White Sox Bullpen Battle

    QUOTE (WBWSF @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 01:42 PM) This could turn out to be the worse bullpen in the history of the franchise. Trading David Robertson was nuts. Good thing we aren't trying to contend this season!
  6. Knackattack

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (WBWSF @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 02:03 PM) Hate to bust everybodys bubble but I talked to Scott Merkin at Soxfest. He claims as long as Machado wants to play shortstop the White Sox as of now have no interest in him. The White Sox like Tim Anderson at shortstop. So unless Machado wants to play 3rd base the White Sox have no interest in signing him to play shortstop.. Maybe I'm a fool, but personally, I don't value a single word from Scott Merkin's mouth about anything the Sox are doing
  7. Knackattack

    Cooper on Rodon and pitching staff...

    If Rodon refined fastball command he could top out at 92 and be a TOR starter with his slider.
  8. Knackattack

    White Sox acquire Joakim Soria, Luis Avilan and $3 Million

    Perfect trade. Doesnt mstter if our bullpen is great this year but we needed a couple vets to round it out since our rotation is young and we gave up a nice but replaceable asset and didnt spend a ton of $. Cant ask for more than that folks
  9. Knackattack

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Dec 15, 2017 -> 01:47 PM) I doubt Giolito or Kopech are in the offer, as that would be a big mistake for a rental. Giolito has the makings of a solid #3/4 starter at worst, with the potential for more. I am not giving him up for one season of Machado, Giolito's last start of the year the fastball was hitting 94-95, if he can keep that velocity over 90-92 he definitely has a chance to be a strong #2
  10. Knackattack

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Take it fwiw but my boss grew up playing with Machado and they were pretty good friends, said Manny is the type of guy who just wants to hit HR and get paid. Dont think he has a preference whre but he is probably gonna take best offer available $ wise
  11. Knackattack

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 13, 2017 -> 08:18 AM) That's far too much to give up for technically one year of him. I do like that package of prospects though to try and obtain a special player. Yeah I should have added the window to sign him in the post or no deal
  12. Knackattack

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    You could even offer up Anderson and Rodon and see if they bite
  13. Knackattack

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Machado himself is unprecedented, you could sign him 10yr/320m and he would be 36 at the end of the deal. Pay him more the first few seasons when we have no payroll and offer him an opt out after 6 years. If the price is something like Anderson/Lopez/Fulmer/Dunning and you can get him to sign, you do it.
  14. Knackattack

    Kevin Maitan and others

    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/11/gamm...es-swihart.html Braves expect to lose him
  15. Knackattack

    Giancarlo Stanton traded to Yankees

    Would be interesting to see if a team could trade for Stanton and re-negotiate his deal to pay him more until 2020 but just end the contract there instead of it being an opt out.