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  1. peppers312

    Best Organizational Young Talent Since???

    might as well throw in Gio Gonzalez into that mix as well.
  2. peppers312

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    good point. LOL
  3. peppers312

    Giolito's latest tweaks

    i sometimes HATE coming to this board and read people talk shit about our guys. Giolito has found something positive in his pitching, he's having success with it, so i just don't understand why Sox fans can't be happy about it and support what he's accomplished since coming back from the hamstring injury. i understand how difficult it is to be a Sox fan, but a lot of you SERIOUSLY need therapy. 😂
  4. peppers312

    Rodon to IL; Giolito activated

    agreed. i just don't think he's THE ace we need to anchor this pitching staff for the future. and if he's not then, then he's expendable imo.
  5. peppers312

    Rodon to IL; Giolito activated

    with Rodon going down, for what i'm guessing is the rest of the season, does it make sense at this point for the the Sox to just add a veteran to the rotation like Keuchel after the June draft? i feel like we're just treading water again with all of these injuries.
  6. peppers312

    And that's a 2nd straight White Sox Walk Off Winner !!

    love how bi-polar this team has been so far this season. of course i turned the game off after the top of the 8th and they come back. happy to see them stick it out and steal another walk-off win.
  7. i'm not digging through 32 pages of comments, but i'm sure someone already asked - why did Renteria not go with Herrera in the 8th?
  8. peppers312

    Gio Gonzalez

    Gio to sign with the Yanks on a $3M deal... do we not have $3M in the coffers? seems like Gio is a low risk, high return type of player at this point... hmmm...
  9. peppers312

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    well worth the money if you base it off what Machado and Harper just got. Trout is way better than both of them.
  10. peppers312

    Farmer and DJ back on radio for 2019

    would LOVE to hear Paulie call games for us if he were interested in the job.
  11. peppers312

    Farmer and DJ back on radio for 2019

  12. peppers312

    Farmer and DJ back on radio for 2019

    i think he has a great baseball voice, he just needs to temper some of the b.s. about his toys and giveaways and sometimes concede the arguments he tends to get into with Stoney.
  13. peppers312

    Farmer and DJ back on radio for 2019

    THIS is exactly how i feel when i hear them interact with one another.
  14. peppers312

    Farmer and DJ back on radio for 2019

    maybe i'm alone but i'm not a fan of Benetti... dude talks WAY too much. sometimes silence is great.