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  1. The Grinder

    Question on GRF

    Thank you sir, much appreciated!
  2. The Grinder

    Question on GRF

    So I'm going to game Sunday, been 10 yrs I know a lot has changed, but a few questions if someone would please answer Can I use my Discover card for parking? Really is there a need to carry cash at all? I would assume all the vendors take credit cards correct? Thanks!
  3. The Grinder

    WSI Back online

    Both of them??😂
  4. The Grinder

    Ball players used to be so much better

    Officer Karkovice.....not just another pretty face😁
  5. The Grinder

    Kansas City Royals Sale

    Agreed, I'm in too. How many shares will my $100 get??
  6. The Grinder

    Kansas City Royals Sale

    Really as much as its sad to say but probably the only way to eliminate JR is when he passes away....
  7. The Grinder


    I'll keep out of the political thing but WSI had more leftys than a southpaw convention 😁
  8. The Grinder


    Bingo I got same impression that it was all an ego trip
  9. Wasnt that hot outside, not that you cant get dehydrated on a cooler day. Took us what 5 pitchers for a one hitter? And the cubs lost to boot! hate to see what the attendance totals were though when compared to GRF to Wrigley
  10. The Grinder

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    Me and a friend were at Hawks game in the 80's, we come out and someone had busted my side window out and stole a radar detector. We live 100 miles away and this had to be the coldest night of the year. So we wrapped our heads with some blankets and whatever we could find in my car and drove to the nearest PD. So we were stopped at a traffic light and right next to us was a squad car, we looked over at the cop looked at us all wrapped up and the window out. He just shook his head and drove off 😁
  11. The Grinder

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Yea going w your gut has to net results. I know Lord knows my "gut" has been wrong at times. IIRC in 2005 Ozzie went against stats and went w his instinicts
  12. The Grinder

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Hoping next yr RR not managing here, be nice to get a top notch manager in there and let him begin to mold a contender.
  13. The Grinder

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    I agree and disagree w RR, yes theres plenty of validity in stats but what wrong w going with yr gut? Makes me wonder how the managers from many yrs ago ever won the WS And I'm not defending Ricky, yes he not our guy moving forward
  14. I can imagine how the local media spins the headline: The criminal White Sox pitchers in jail again
  15. The Grinder


    You know I can understand the logic of having a moderated site. Look at the comments you see on You Tube as example which is why I dont bother posting on there. But WSI took it too far, I like playing here much better