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  1. The Grinder

    Sox claim Emilio Vargas

    I guess this is low risk thing? Possibly high return? That being said I'm skeptical
  2. The Grinder

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    I dont profess to be a baseball expert but am no novice either but what exactly does a Bench Coach do? Advise the manager? I dont recall this position 40 yrs ago, correct?
  3. The Grinder

    Judge Tony LaRussa by results, not process

    They must have had 2 different cushions, mine had the Sox batter holding a bat logo. So 75 yr anniversary would have been 1985, wasnt Comiskey built in 1910?? But thanks for the pics!! BTW I still have mine too:)
  4. The Grinder

    Judge Tony LaRussa by results, not process

    Not trying to get off point and I didnt want to start another Tony thread but my fav TLR moment was in maybe 1985 when it was Kmart stadium seat cushion day where prob 10K seat cushions were being given out, There was a questionable call on the field and Tony came out to argue. Then out of the blue someone threw ONE measly seat cushion out on the diamond. Then a few seconds later the entire infield was flooded with the seat cushions, thousands of them. Tony looked up in the stands as if to say WTF?? Anyone attend that game as well?
  5. The Grinder

    Theo Epstein Resigns; Hoyer Stays

    Weren't the Bears supposed to be a dynasty too after their 1985 Super Bowl win? Shows you how hard it is to achieve that status
  6. The Grinder

    Minor League Upheaval

    IIRC wasnt the Iowa Oaks the Sox AAA team in the 70's? ANd now the cubs have their AAA team there. Who is the Indianapolis team affliated with? Yes a shame as where I live, the Beloit A team is 40 min drive just built a new park, on city funds I assume and the other way is Clinton IA and they have a great following in A league as well
  7. The Grinder

    Jerry Reinsdorf - time to go? Yay or Nay!

    I voted the first option. But that will only happen when the Good Lord comes calling....or is it the Grim Reaper??
  8. The Grinder

    New Manager. Who could sox target at this point?

    Thanx for the info, hell we cant get the brass to fire someone after their record is way under .500 let alone 0-0
  9. The Grinder

    New Manager. Who could sox target at this point?

    Is there a precedent in firing a manager before he even manages one game with current team?
  10. As a franchise w image issues, this is just another set back. The father/son duo comes to mind back in 2002 IIRC when they attacked KC coach during game(was it Ligue?). we just dont need this. I was trying to be open minded about Tony but now realize he needs to go
  11. The Grinder

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Like I told somone, helluva choice, to re-elect the crazy man we have now or elect the guy w dementia. Politics in America I doubt the media will let Trump get re-elected. So back to the established life long politician for better or worse
  12. The Grinder

    Hibernation Plans?

    Home fitness no doubt is huge these days, as a gym owner cant say I'm crazy about it but OTOH this pandemic and the home gym will probably correct the commercial health club market as many gyms will close. My gym has been hit hard not by the virus but by cancellations, freezes and very little new members or renewals. My EFT program has been decimated as well but after 32 yrs I'll weather the storm But glad to see many of you doing something to stay active, major Kudos!
  13. EE gone, jeez wonder how long the powers that be had to contemplate that one??😄
  14. The Grinder

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Was really hoping they would take their sweet time and interview multiple candidates, I was thinking at least month before they named one Well on the bright side, it'll take him 2 minutes to walk to the mound at his age, giving relief pitcher more warm up The racist thing? That work gets bandied around so much its lost its value, it just means you made someone mad Welcome back Tony, whats next? Bring Luzinski back....
  15. The Grinder

    Today is the 15th anniversary of the White Sox championship

    I was in the company of 2 cub fans, all rooting for the sox, they were hooting and hollering more than me, I was in shock more than anything Didnt ger a lot of sleep that night but didnt matter, I was one happy camper