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  1. The Grinder

    These are not the Chicago White Sox

    I may have stated this a while back but I just cant understand how JR got to be so wealthy by NOT insisting on accountability. Or by letting his emotions control his business practices and instincts, meaning he must see how TLR is a liability and does nothing about it. But like many here point out, he doesnt give a rats ass,
  2. Did last nights game thread go away for lack of interest or too painful to remain active?
  3. The Grinder

    Door County

    Probably refers to Tony Evers, the not so popular Gov Glad yr enjoying yourself, have fun on Washington Island!!
  4. The Grinder

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    I hope we get swept. Just to drive home the point. But it won't do any good.
  5. The Grinder

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    I live west of Rockford and it just stopped raining a short time ago, I assume it may be heading East
  6. I'm convinced TLR is throwing these games, like the Black SOx scandal over 100 yrs ago. Its gotta be
  7. The Grinder

    Is There a Good Loss?

    I wont comment further! But yes there is one step back for two forward.
  8. The Grinder

    Is There a Good Loss?

    Is there such a thing as bad sex? At times, yes
  9. I was about 16 when that song was popular. Would love it if Metallica would do a remake 👍 🤣
  10. The Grinder


    Today is the 18th, whos set to go down today? Mendick? Jose? Who's turn is it?
  11. Just when I thought Yoans BA was dipping lower than Bidens approval rating, he pulls thru, Good job Yoan and the boys
  12. The Grinder

    Hendriks now to IL with Right Forearm Strain

    Is there anyone on this team who hasn't been on the IL ? Garcia?
  13. The Grinder

    Too soon to panic

    Same here, I'm beginning to think hes average player who will wind up a journeyman infielder bouncing around from team to team, In other words, a perfect fit for this team