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    Manny: Nope, still no news

    A man can only hope. But seriously, he seems like a good kid, so whatever team he´s playing at I wish him the best.
  2. Focurjay

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Kind of late but anyways. I can tell you that this Ernesto Jerez wasn´t talking about Manny Machado at all, he did mention Manny Acta (a venezuelan manager of a venezuelan team), and a random yankee fan considered that he was sending a cryptic message about Manny Machado and his agreement with Yankees. And then other users jump the train. Very weird I can say.
  3. Nice to see this Giolito outing tonight
  4. Focurjay

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (FT35 @ Jan 3, 2017 -> 11:49 AM) I've thought the same thing really...wondered if I'm going to watch as many games, wondered if I'm going to set aside as much time/money to come see them play in Chicago as I normally do. But I don't know how much of my fandom will actually change. White Sox baseball is still a large part of who I am...and rarely do the players and the team's success have much to do with it. It's like every day is a good day--but some are just better than others. But everyday is a good day...there's the team, the pinstripes, the black and white, the strategy, the human element, the green grass, the history, the memories. Watching a game still provides at least a couple hours a day where we can just watch baseball and admire the sights and sounds of summer. Those are good days to be alive. Some teams are better than others and like you say, some flat out suck. But there's still that 2 hour experience almost every day that re-calibrates you to some good times in the past--the hope for something great to happen and the possibility that anything could happen. All while soaking in the warm weather and watching the evening come in around a large group of people who have shared many of the exact moments you have. That's not easy to replicate. This made my day