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  1. Youre a bit harsh. 2 million is peanuts. Youre prolly the same guy that said Giolitto was a bum after 2018. 

    1. chitownsportsfan


      lol, have a nice day.  

  2. Jnooch

    White Sox untouchables

    I dont think Madrigals clock has started yet. He came up late enough to have 6 more years of control.
  3. Jnooch

    Offseason Targets

    Heres a long shot for our RF hole. Sox Aquire J Heyward and his gold glove for a very low level prospect or 2 if Cubs eat 35 of his remaining 65 million dollar contract. He could slide right into the 8 hole and could bolster our defense and add a ton of speed to the bottom of the order. Robert, Hayward and Madrigal at the bottom with TA and Yoan at the top ...... would bolster team defense and team speed.
  4. Non Tender deadline is Monday Nov 2 8:00 pm. Mazzara & Rodon are only decisions to make. Id launch them both.
  5. Jnooch

    Offseason Targets

    Switching gears to offense would anyone step outside the box and consider Tommy La Stella in RF and insurance at 2nd base or 3rd base. LH bat who never strikes out and can be a force between Anderson & Moncada. Anderson Moncada Abreu Jiminez Grandal Robert Vaughn La Stella Madrigal Bench Engle, Leury, Collins, Final Piece (pick one) Sanchez. Mendick, Mercedes, Rutheford, etc. would not cost a ton and would allow us to pursue pitching.
  6. Jnooch

    Offseason Targets

    Why would we pursue Harper for 300 million?? Get real!
  7. Jnooch

    Offseason Targets

    There is no perfect candidate for RF but Michael Brantley may be the best option for several reasons. 1) He's a good contact hitter with a low strikeout rate. 2) He could probably be had on a 1 or 2 year deal. 3) His defense id not great but we could spell him with Engle /Leury if we pursue Springer there wont be funds for a TOR starteR if we pursue Joc we will be in the same situation as Mazzara At the end of the day I think we will have to go with Mazz,Joc, or Brantley.
  8. Jnooch

    Playoff roster adjustments

    No they wont but its a great thought!
  9. Jnooch

    Playoff roster adjustments

    On second thought maybe we should leave them both off and recall Burdi.
  10. Will there be any changes to roster for the playoffs? I don't think we need 15 pitchers for a 3 game series followed by 2 days off. Keep one of Rodon/ Gonzalez off roster for opening round and add a LH bat off the bench. Collins has some pop as a PH and also an emergency 3rd catcher, especially if one of our catchers is DHing.
  11. Why would you offer Q 3 yrs/ 39 million... that would be totally insane and a fireable offense!!

    1. iWiN4PreP


      I wouldnt, you are mixing me up with someone else

  12. Like your 2021 roster with 2 exceptions. I think we have better options than Flores and I think the Q ship has sailed. 

  13. Jnooch

    2021 Needs for a WS title

    I have to agree with you and Im almost comfortable with not addressing RF next season and staying with a Mazzara/Engle platoon. I'm thinking Vaughn will be up early to replace EE and I expect an improved Moncada next season. Id rather address The pitching staff and making a run at McCann without being ridiculous. Possibly signing McCann might have a positive influence on extending Lucas?