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    I hope were done with Jose. I have this sick feeling Jerry will give him another 3 yr contract. This will furthur block Eloy, Vaughn & Sheets. we made the same with Konerko.
  2. Jnooch

    Retooling / quasi-rebuild

    If you want to really try a retool …… move Abreu at the deadline. Also move AJ Pollack and his 10 million dollar salary. That frees up 30 million for next year. In addition Velazques, Keickel and Harrison all come off the books, freeing up an additional 25 million. That gives us 55 million to retool in FA. Heres where it gets tricky……. Dont go on the cheap, sign 2 and only 2 free agents. After that is done extend Giolitto. With the 55 million sign a pitcher and a 2 nd baseman. We have Colas at WS and he and Engle can patrol RF. We cant keep going with 2 weak spots defensively in the OF.
  3. Jnooch

    Abreu 2023

    Do we sign Abreu with Vaughn, Eloy, Sheets and Burger all bat first guys? Not signing Abreu would free up 20 million in addition to 24 million coming off the books with Keickel, Harrison and Velazques contracts. Could use that money to sign Giolitto and sign a good everyday 2nd baseman.
  4. Jnooch

    Ballpark prices

    They pay less than $ 1.00 for that domestic beer.
  5. Jnooch

    And that's a 3-2 White Sox on Apple TV winner!

    Anyone with an apple phone or ipad or apple music could have watched this game.
  6. Jnooch

    2022 offseason

    Very well said, we have 3-4 guys who could be as productive for 1/8 th of the price. This was a very poor move by RH/KW.
  7. Jnooch

    2022 offseason

    Not too disappointed with Hahns offseason. It does seem that he makes at least one obvious mistake every offseason. Like the Alonso fiasco in 2018. the Mazara experiment in 2020 and last years fiasco with Adam Eaton. No glaring blunders this year but it just cant wrap my head around paying Leury Garcia 5.5 million a years for 3 years. My biggest concern is why 3 years. He plays 6 position but is average or below average at all 6 spots. I didn't come up with these thought this morning, felt that way as soon as I saw the contract but now Im just piling on. This guy is not as valuable as Engle who makes 2 million.
  8. They seem to have totally misread the market. If they cant move Kimbrel for Segura. Just keep Kimbrel and go hard for kris Bryant. Move Moncada back to 2b and slide KB to 3b. It seems were behind the 8 ball.
  9. Jnooch

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    Would Giants give up Tommy LaStella for Kimbrel? Tommy is due 16 million over next 2 seasons and hits well from left side? Giants have some money coming off payroll after 2022 ….thoughts?
  10. Ceasar has no buyout either pay him 6 million or cut him loose, its up to FO. Id cut him loose.
  11. Jnooch

    Abreu next year and in the future

    I take the stance that Abreu does have some value but unlike the final Konerko deal ; after the 2022 season sign him to one year deals until both sides feel a parting of the way is the best thing for the team.
  12. Jnooch

    September Call Ups

    Actually 1 million total 2 x minimum salary.
  13. Cmon quit talking bout this guy ….. he's a non issue!
  14. Jnooch

    White Sox select Colson Montgomery #22 overall

    What about Cespedes?