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  1. Jnooch

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    All of a sudden were taxing our starters & bullpen. Do we trade for pitching?
  2. Jnooch

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Tough matchup tonight
  3. Jnooch

    Trade for pitching?

    Signing EE next year will not and should not happen. He will just clog up the system. Vaughn will be ready soon. We have an abundance of DHs . Eloy, Collins, Mercedes, Abreu & Grandahl can rotate easily as DHers
  4. Jnooch

    White Sox 30 Man Roster Announced

    Anyone hear who will be on our 3 man travel squad?
  5. Players on the taxi squad dont accrue service time...... so Im thinking Madrigal would go on the 6 game road trip and be ready to join the club after 6 game trip.
  6. Jnooch

    Remaining Wish List

    Don't think we need an IFer. We've got Mendick & Leury with Madrigal up in early May. Get a couple of bullpen guys and let's roll!!
  7. Are you doing any road trips this year?

    1. WBWSF


      I hope so. I'm not sure at this time.

  8. Jnooch

    Road Trips

    New to the board? Any of you guys do road trips to other mlb parks?
  9. Jnooch

    Sox In on Lindor? Crackpot Rumor?

    Would anyone object to trading TA, Dane Dunning & Basabe for 2 years of Frankie Lindor??? What would the Indians really expect? They would get 5 years of control of TA and 2 good prospects??? We traded with the Cubs ...... why not the Tribe?
  10. Jnooch

    What is a realistic payroll ceiling for the sox?

    I thought I read that the Sox new TV deal paid $750k per game which when multiplied by 162 equates to approximately 120 million which in itself covers payroll. This does not include national tv money, concession revenue, parking, and many other revenue streams.
  11. Jnooch

    Thyago Vieira Signs w/ Yomiuri Giants

    Good riddance!!!
  12. Jnooch

    Extend Yoan Moncada

    I would pay 10/200 for Yoan right now but I feel he would be wiser to take 5/100. He could prolly collect 5/150 on the back 5 years.
  13. Jnooch

    Extend Yoan Moncada

    I would pay 100 mill right now even if we only secured an extra year. 5 yrs/100 mill. That what Houston gave Bergman.
  14. Jnooch

    A Realistic Offseason

    I'd rather do a one year rental for several reasons. 1) Calhoun, Peterson & Dickerson can prolly all be had on a one year commitment and hit from the left side. 2) one of our kids in the minor may still pan out. (Basabe, Adolfo, Walker, Rutherford or Gonzalez.) Keep in mind we only need to hit on one of them. 3) Castellonos & Ozuna are big dollars and not good defensive players! 4) we have enough DH/ 1B statue guys as it is. 5) if the first 2 solutions don't work, next yearsOF class is much more exciting George Springer, Micheal Brantley & Mookie Betts. we should have just paid Brantley 3 yrs/45 mill last year instead of Farting around with Machado and his cousins!
  15. Jnooch

    Extend Yoan Moncada

    I think if we wait too long, Yoan will be difficult to keep in the fold. I hope Abreu is whispering in his ear about being the key building block!