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  1. Jnooch

    September Call Ups

    Actually 1 million total 2 x minimum salary.
  2. Cmon quit talking bout this guy ….. he's a non issue!
  3. Jnooch

    White Sox select Colson Montgomery #22 overall

    What about Cespedes?
  4. Jnooch

    Eaton: why is he needed anymore?

    Maybe sooner…. Burger being sent down. You’ll see lots of moves from Charlotte to Chicago until the deadline passes and we know more about Eloy & Robert.
  5. Jnooch

    Fry Reinstated and Optioned; McRae outrighted

    Fry needed to be put on roster first, promotion to White Sox prolly coming soon. Burdi prolly optioned after todays DH.
  6. How about Charlie Blackmon at the deadline. Colorodo on the hook for 23 mil per 2021 & 2022 plus 10 mil buyout in 2023. Sox send Eaton , Rodon or Lopez and we receive 7 mil per year from Colorado...thoughts? LH hitter, big upgrade from Eaton. More power better defender.
  7. LuCroy signing reminds me of the EE signing maybe worse. At least we’re not fully commited to him. He hasnt been good at baseball for 5 years,
  8. Jnooch


    If Robert needs an off day in CF ....Engle would replace him not Eaton. Eaton is long past being an adequate CF.
  9. Jnooch

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    I am not advocating keeping Vaughn down as much as I am trying to see what we have in Collins & Mercedes. If one of them can be adequate behind the dish or one of them rakes , it wouldn't hurt to wait on Vaughn. The problem started last year when we signed EE and didnt give either of our catchers any opportunity at all. Im not worried about Vaughns future status. Much more concerned with Giolittos contract status.
  10. Jnooch

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    LuCroy is a last resort. Doesnt even have as much potential as EE last year and we saw how that worked out.
  11. Jnooch

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Am I the only person who is not in favor of LuCroy making the team. Keep Yermin and Collins for 2 weeks to see what we have and demote the weaker of the 2 when Vaughn is ready.
  12. Youre a bit harsh. 2 million is peanuts. Youre prolly the same guy that said Giolitto was a bum after 2018. 

    1. chitownsportsfan


      lol, have a nice day.  

  13. Jnooch

    White Sox untouchables

    I dont think Madrigals clock has started yet. He came up late enough to have 6 more years of control.
  14. Jnooch

    Offseason Targets

    Heres a long shot for our RF hole. Sox Aquire J Heyward and his gold glove for a very low level prospect or 2 if Cubs eat 35 of his remaining 65 million dollar contract. He could slide right into the 8 hole and could bolster our defense and add a ton of speed to the bottom of the order. Robert, Hayward and Madrigal at the bottom with TA and Yoan at the top ...... would bolster team defense and team speed.