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Sept 22 game thread vs Detroit

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QUOTE (winninguglyin83 @ Sep 23, 2014 -> 01:50 AM)
not what anybody wanted in April, but it's a step in the right direction and you can see more pieces of the puzzle being filled in.


True, but it's been the "good Sox" and the "horrid Sox" in stretches all year. They've had great, clean games, exciting games. And they've had miserable games. 'Step in the right direction' is probably right, but there are no guarantees the Sox don't go 10-20 next April and are out of it after four weeks. Hahn needs to come through for all White Sox fans this offseason and make this a .500 team.

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QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 22, 2014 -> 06:43 PM)
Wow just heard Tyler hit his 15th homer. Hell he almost hit as many as Viciedo this year.

Their offensive stats are surprisingly similar and I find that very sad.

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