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  1. juddling

    **2018 Opening Day Game Thread**

    FWIW, not sure if it has been mentioned but Royals catcher S. Perez is now out 4-6 weeks. Guess he slipped on some stairs carrying his luggage.
  2. juddling

    2017 Watercooler TV thread

    9 episodes in and I'm still liking The Gifted. Since it's Fox, it will be axed soon......
  3. juddling

    2017 Watercooler TV thread

    QUOTE (Wanne @ Nov 21, 2017 -> 05:01 PM) My son and I got sucked into the Punisher the other night. It's pretty damn good...I was pleasantly surprised. I have 3 episodes left so will finish it tonight. Unless they really funk it up, I would be willing to put it up there w/Daredevil season 1 as the best (so far)
  4. juddling

    2017 Watercooler TV thread

    Halfway through season 1 of Netflix The Punisher. Plenty of blood and violence so far.....
  5. juddling

    2017 Watercooler TV thread

    In light of recent revelations about Kevin Spacey, Netflix has pulled the plug of House of Cards. It will end after next season. I have a feeling it was just about done anyways...
  6. juddling

    Shooting in Las Vegas

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Oct 2, 2017 -> 01:27 PM) Horrible. What is wrong with these people. I'm going to be in Vegas Thurs-Saturday. Going to be eery. Prayers out to everyone impacted by this horrific tragedy. My one time in Vegas was two weeks after 9/11. Definitely didn't get the Vegas 'vibe' then. Was pretty empty too, relatively speaking
  7. juddling

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Sep 21, 2017 -> 04:06 PM) I would have wanted to Paul to lose against basically anyone but Josh. I hate that kid so much. There were no winners in the final three...I could easily see the case against all three.
  8. juddling

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    The only way Raven was a puppet master is if Matt's penis's name is Pinocchio.......
  9. juddling

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Aug 30, 2017 -> 10:08 PM) Why the f*** did Kevin just brush his hair with a just-used toothbrush??? I only watch sporadically but I asked the same question and as my 15 year old said (shaking her head) "That's so Kevin!". Still not sure what that means..lol
  10. juddling


    In the big meeting, when the Hound talked to the Mountain, he asked "You know who's coming for you, don't you??" Any idea who he was referring to? I didn't think the Hound was referring to himself but I guess it was possible
  11. juddling

    **2017 Films Thread** (Beware of spoilers)

    Saw the Hitman's Bodyguard this past weekend. While I did get enough laughs out of it to say I enjoyed the film, I got to say watching/hearing Samuel Jackson say 'motherf***er" over and over has lost all comedic punch by the end of the movie and Selma Hayek (God bless her boobs) as his foul mouth wife got old even faster though at least she did have a funny running joke throughout the movie
  12. juddling

    2017 Watercooler TV thread

    This weekend I finally finished off Orphan Black, Ozark and the Defenders. Enjoyed all three. Waiting on The Last Ship to come back this Sunday.
  13. juddling

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    Jessica gone...Cody gone.....Elena gone.....now the game can begin........
  14. juddling

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    If there is so much off-air tension between Cody and Josh, then why does Josh seem so eager to get Elena off instead of Jessica? I wonder if it's the producers playing with the footage to make it seem that way... Either way if this gets screwed up and Jessica stays, then Josh will be one of the biggest idiots in Big Brother history
  15. juddling

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Aug 8, 2017 -> 11:01 PM) Why is he a bigot? I'm legit asking, if that's true then I'll take that back. Anywho, Josh can still get the f*** off my tv. EDIT: Eh, I looked it up and I'll take back what I said about rooting for Cody. I love how he seems to take it personally that everyone is out to get him but after the crap he pulled the first couple weeks he can't be that surprised.