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  1. Moncada

    GT 5/4: SOX at CIN

    Futurecast here looks pretty good
  2. I found the cliff. The line starts behind me
  3. Moncada

    Tigers @ Sox, 4/29/21

    Nice, Leury with a horrible AB. At least Madrigal would have put the ball in play
  4. Moncada

    Tigers @ Sox, 4/28/21

    No, minors (unless we recalled him)
  5. Moncada

    Tigers @ Sox, 4/28/21

    I expect Grandal to be on the pine tonight.
  6. Moncada

    Tigers @ Sox, 4/28/21

    Probably won't be today, although that would be great to see
  7. Moncada

    Tigers @ Sox, 4/28/21

    He forgot this yesterday, from the lineup to the horrific decision to ignore the 2 innings of bad misses from Giolito and leaving him in there when what happened was clearly going to happen
  8. Moncada

    Texas @ Sox

  9. Moncada

    Texas @ Sox

    All the Madrigal haters go run and hide lol.
  10. Moncada

    Texas @ Sox

    Madrigal haters being sent home crying ✅
  11. Didn't he homer off a breakingball/offspeed pitch yesterday
  12. Moncada


    In his latest hot streak he has been using center and opposite field a lot
  13. Moncada

    Texas @ Sox

    I'd prefer and think Madrigal in the 2 hole is the best lineup, but yeah tonight's lineup is probably the best we are going to see this year.
  14. Moncada

    Texas @ Sox

  15. Moncada

    Texas @ Sox

    Much better lineup https://twitter.com/whitesox/status/1385685572933541888?s=20 edit: tweet below, don't know why it didn't embed on this one