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  1. The craft cave is so hit or miss. It can be no one or a shit ton of people.
  2. I get that, but being able to locate that high change is what makes him special.
  3. Change looks good. Let's see if he can bring in the high change. Then we'll know he's back.
  4. Gotcha. I agree. Thought you were saying today's game specifically.
  5. I mean he was out there for over 105 pitches. High pitch count, got through a couple Jams.
  6. This is the stuff, shoot it into my veins
  7. What are you even talking about? They don't want to learn the Game? It's a wonder you make it through the day, cause it seems you live for shitting on other people. You can spend time better
  8. Sox are top 5 in era top 10 In whip. Grandal seems to be doing just fine
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