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  1. Your points are taken, but what other franchises do things like this? Hire a new guy to take over, don’t fire the previous regime, and let the new guy decide what happens? It just seems like a very strange way of running a team.
  2. Exactly. Nothing improves until these deadbeats are officially removed from the organization. Per K.C. Johnson: https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bulls/bulls-negotiating-make-arturas-karnisovas-head-of-basketball-operations?amp=1 “John Paxson is expected to move into a senior advisory role with no daily presence around the team, sources said. He has offered to help Karnisovas in any manner in which Karnisovas sees fit. The future of current general manager Gar Forman, who has moved largely into a scouting role, will be discussed.“
  3. Lisle. Great taps. Wonder how their prices are.
  4. Agreed, 100%. Especially the Double Dry-Hopped (DDH) IPAs. They need to age. I just grabbed some More DDH Dusty this last weekend. When it’s too green (fresh), it’s a bit harsh.
  5. Wait, earlier I supported Trump because I was racist. Now, I support him out of fear? Which is it?
  6. “Black guy or woman?” I will preemptively excuse you of your veiled accusation of racism. But the Obamas were most recently in the White House prior to Trump. I also mentioned the Clintons, just in case you missed it. Serious question though — how are some people going to handle the next four years of their lives once Trump is re-elected?
  7. I get my kicks reading some of the outrageous posts made here. Trump was rich before he became POTUS and will be rich long after he is out of office. Meanwhile, the Obamas who earned less than a combined $300K per year before entering the White House now have a net worth of $40 million dollars. Do I even need to bother discussing the Clintons? There’s definitely no dirty money there! 😂
  8. It is your opinion that the law is not just. Meanwhile, your ridiculous ideas on immigration laws would turn this country into the shit-hole that is China.
  9. Pace and the Bears suck. The countdown has already begun on Pace’s NFL career. The Bulls screw up every decision they make. Farmer’s death? How much can that be discussed? Bernstein has sounded off on Trump numerous times in the past until I’m pretty sure The Score management told him to shut up about it.
  10. You just compared a government removing organs from innocent people who are hated due to their religion to not coming up with contingency plans for people who ILLEGALLY (yes, that means breaking the law) enter another country for work. Amazing comparison. 🤣 And I will throw your absolutely ridiculous comparison out the window and still consider your overall statement -- why in the hell is any person who ILLEGALLY entered this country entitled to the government giving them something better (a.k.a. a free handout), as opposed to worrying about legitimate U.S. citizens? They are here ILLEGALLY which means they shouldn't even be here in the first place. I blame the corrupt business owners that are employing these ILLEGAL immigrants, not the U.S. government. But apparently, the U.S. government should give better jobs and free healthcare to people who shouldn't even be in this country in the first place? Makes a lot of sense...
  11. Most likely, and knowing China, the pile of ashes also contains plenty of uninfected undesireables.
  12. Sports radio acting shocked and upset there are layoffs. Can they explain to me any reason why I would want to listen to The Score right now? There’s no freaking sports to discuss!!! And I don’t listen to sports radio to hear those clowns discuss politics. They are barely good at discussing sports.
  13. I always thought it was their gimmick/shtick. DJ would play dumb and Farmer would act annoyed and clown him... similar to Benetti and Stone on the TV broadcast. RIP Farmer.
  14. Agreed. The argument that America is just as bad as China simply exists because people hate the President and want him out of office so this argument is fuel for their fire. Meanwhile, in China... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-religious-ethnic-minorities-uighur-muslim-harvest-organs-un-human-rights-a9117911.html Comparing the US to China at a humanitarian level is an absolute joke. It’s no surprise, people who make this argument live in the US. So when people laugh at the idea that China would do something insane like spread a virus, well, they already harvest and sell organs and other body parts from people they don’t like while these people are still alive. Insanity sometimes knows no bounds.
  15. Players do go straight from AA to the majors sometimes. Yermin wasn’t getting any younger and the Sox were awful with no sign of a DH. I don’t see how you can say that he wasn’t a realistic option, case closed. As far Collins, they likely wanted him catching more games in the minors rather than DH’ing.
  16. China is overpopulated and their government doesn’t really give a crap about people or human rights in general. One-child policy? Most executions among any countries in the world? Muslim concentration camps? Human rights activists simply disappearing? Yes, totally absurd and almost incomprehensible... I’m not saying this was intentional but some people have far too much faith in reason when it comes to a twisted and corrupt Communist country. It’s no surprise China and Russia get along just swell.
  17. If this is directed at me, how are facts racist? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinas-role-in-the-us-fentanyl-epidemic-152338423.html
  18. Maybe they can use their supply of fentanyl to kill off the diseased bats instead of Americans?
  19. Jeez, may as well grab a salad from a public salad bar first and then wash it down with the Big Gulp.
  20. I don’t know about your conspiracy theory accusations but a lot of contagious infections seem to originate or persist in China regardless.
  21. Moan4Yoan

    Pandemic Reading

    That’s usually what I do as well. There is also Mr. Mercedes but I haven’t seen either show.
  22. Moan4Yoan

    Pandemic Reading

    The one with Gary Sinise? Haha, yes it was very cheesy. Still worth a watch though. Ironically, one of King’s worst novels translated to the big screen the best — have you watch The Outsider on HBO?
  23. Test the underprivileged and people you don’t like? Sounds like a great plan. That type of thinking is what led to this... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_human_experimentation
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