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  1. the inning is over party time!!! :headbang :headbang :headbang
  2. god f***ing damnit loiza you suck. dont come back next season :finger you b****
  3. :fyou :finger :fyou :finger :fyou :finger :fyou :finger :fyou :finger
  4. i dont know if i can handle this any longer!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. god damnit loiza.......he sucks in domes thats why he wasnt good for toranto
  6. :finger :finger :finger :finger :finger :finger :finger :finger :finger :finger
  7. i wanted to change my user name without creating a new account but i cant find a way how too do it.
  8. here is a list of the free agents to be for every team after 2003 if anyone was looking http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/m...o/04agency.html
  9. this team has to beat the s*** out of minnesota tonight . if we lose theyll be down by 1.5 games and it will really hurt the momentum and if we win the series we will only have a .5 game lead. we really need to sweep the twins. :finger the twins :fyou
  10. he is ok sometimes but other times he is terrible
  11. I say we get try to get tejada if beane dosent budge then we keep jose, if it is too late then we go with other.
  12. we gotta keep robbie, and colon. everett is out. i also think we should dump valentin and possibly seek out to get tejada. :fthecubs :fthecubs :sosasucks
  13. a little off topic but witesoxfan.....your signature pic is halarious. that is the funniest thing ive seen today. (you have to have seen playmakers to understand it other people)
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