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  1. I picked backman because thats who i think it will be if it was want i would say fisk.
  2. He is goin to watch the bears lose to the packers monday night.
  3. HighHeat45

    Banned books

    To kill a mocking bird isnt banned in schools...i am reading it right now.
  4. I think you mean NLDS right?? j/k
  5. 1) Who will win the series (CHW/KC/Split) (2 points)? CHW 2) Will Esteban Loaiza earn his 21st victory (Y/N) (2 points)? Yes 3) How many errors will the Sox make (4 points)? 3 4) Name a Sox pitcher who will earn a win (4 points)? Loaiza 5) How many batters will Thursday's starter face (2 either way) (5 points)? 19 6) How many AB will Frank Thomas have in the series(5 points)? 12 7) Who will lead the Sox in hits for the series (4 points)? Carlos 8) Will Maggs finish the season with 30+ HR and 100+ RBI (Y/N) (2 points)? No ;( 9) Who will be in 2nd place in the AL Central (KC/CHW) (2 points)? CHW 10) Will Angel Berroa hit a homerun (Y/N) (2 points)? Hell No TIEBREAKER: Total bases for Sox outfielders 28
  6. He probebly threated to kill or rape them if they didnt support him.
  7. i accidently loaded what my avatar was going to be
  8. what the hell i didnt post a monkey i posted a really good one ill try again
  9. my name is the same thing i have here.......whitesoxfan56789
  10. Do you guys have aim? you can start a chat there. id join
  11. The Bears have the best D in the nfl!! They should be on the list
  12. winmx is ok but whenever i search for songs they have a really long wait or it is red which means you cant download it at all. i dont search for alot of stuff so its ok for me.
  13. Why the hell did Shoenweis pitch the ninth inning today when he is schedualed to start tomarrow? what an idiotic move by jm
  14. I would consider a 20 game winner an ace
  15. I use this thing called winmx. its pretty crappy but it still works.
  16. I took the cincinnati bengals!!!! I always took the for sure winners and didnt move on and had to re enter the pool. this now the 4th week this is the 4th time ive entered the pool so i took the bengals because every game i pick there is an upset. GO BENGALS!!!!
  17. i named the topic wrong it should be "the only reason cubs fans go to games"
  18. It said that probably no hitter will reach 50 home runs??? what about A-Rod isnt he at 47 or something?
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