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  1. The Whitesox will hold an "Important" press conference after todays game.............is jerry fired???
  2. :fthecubs :sosasucks
  3. here are mine: ATLANTA Pittsburgh Minnesota TENNESSEE INDIANAPOLIS NEW ENGLAND Kansas City Green Bay SEATTLE WASHINGTON Baltimore SAN FRANCISCO Buffalo Denver
  4. o ya and it tells you how many popups its ever blocked and after about two weeks it has blocked 478 pop-ups!
  5. go to google.com and get the google toobar. it works like a charm and you can search google from any site you are on.
  6. If i called any of my friends weaked they would beat me up.
  7. HighHeat45


    i dont think an ignore feature would work because someone else could quote the person and then you would be able to read it.
  8. The only reason i would be sad to see mags leave is because i just got his jersy from my wife for my birthday in june.
  9. when has everett ever stayed with a team for longer than he was signed...never so i doubt he will be back. but i want him to stay too.
  10. this is funny how a thread about a possible future banner turned into a thread about who will start in right field next year.
  11. Wouldnt Raffy Santana hear this if it actually was said? i think we might have heard something before this radio show if it actually was said.
  12. That story is pretty weird because you would think if there was any killing it would be a dodgers fan killing a giants fan because they clinched the division.
  13. HighHeat45

    Hey guys

    im not sure if video game charecters from playstation football count as friends.
  14. Bud Seilig shoud be enslaved
  15. pat sajack (spelling) is at the game!!!!!!! :
  16. i got this roster that says he is from crestwood illinois, if its not his son it is pretty weird. http://www.acmewebpages.com/dodgers/roster.htm
  17. i went to a game there my last trip to vegas and he pitched and they said he was his son. there is a thomas farmer listed on this roster....ill look into if it is his son hold on a few minutes. Las Vegas 51's Roster
  18. i will give each month a rating 1-6. number 1 being the best and 6 being the worst. and also give the reasoning for why i chose that rating. if anyone disagrees with me post your own i want to see what other people think. april-5-------because we expected more out of what we saw the first few weeks may-4-------because we could see the team was getting better and better june-2-------because we took 4 of 6 from the cubs and swept minny july- 3-------would be #2 if we didnt get swept by the tigers august-1---- this was byfar the best month because of the excitement sept.-6------ the team blew a perfectly good lead and disappointed us all
  19. famers son pitches for the dodgers AAA team so if he comes up he should be great having a dad like that.
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