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  1. I know this guy who has a bunch of cubs playoff tickets that he is selling and she told me that if the cubs clinch the division i have to buy some tickets and he is selling them at a rather high price so PLEASE GOD DONT LET THE CUBS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!
  2. she is a cubs fan and she is hot so i said i was a cubs fan too so she would go out with me.
  3. I never look at this site during school but a few days ago my girlfriend came over and i had this minamized, when i brought it up to close it and it had someones sig with a half naked woman and she got pissed but i told her it was a pop-up and she believed me
  4. how is this new guy the hawks just got with the double U's in his name (something like juubu) supposta be. Is he gunna help the team out alot?
  5. yep, it was funny if you were still in front of her but not if you were behind her.
  6. I thought that when houston beat miami it was the biggest upset the year was going to see but now i see i was wrong......the cardinals beat the packers!! holy crap i thought that was a for sure winner with greenbay damn i am pissed.
  7. Has anyone who has been to soxfest in the last few years ever run into the old lady who tries to cut in line by starting a conversation with you. I mean last year i was in line for Koch (which i now regret waiting for) and the lady comes near the end where i was. she started talking to me about the whitesox and before you know it she un-hooks the rope comes in and closes it again and goes right behind me in line. She was really old so i didnt want to say anything to hurt her feelings but the people behind me were pissed. Then the next day i see her doin it again to someone else. I have heard from people who had seen her before last year doin the same thing. Does anyone know her?
  8. I am sorry for wasting all of your time. ESPN has once again tricked me to believe in something that is not true.
  9. time to change that sig up capn. Rowand started today.
  10. its on ESPN NEWS not ESPN. You only have that channel if you have a dish or digital cable.
  11. jerry gave up this game................Jaimie Burke is playing first base!!!!!
  12. it said important when i saw it.
  13. its gunna be on ESPN News Channel........sucks that i dont have that channel
  14. it was on the bottom line on espn 2 like 15 minutes ago.
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