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  1. I dont know where i read it. I think it was like a month ago in the sun-times but ill try to find it.
  2. Im goin with my main man again........Aaron Miles. Yesterday when he was up in the bottom of the ninth i was hoping he would hit the gw homer so i would win on a pick no one thought was logical.
  3. He said he doesnt try to do it...it is an instict because he did it his entire career.
  4. The only one I got right was the book one because I saw the first two lord of the rings movies and I forgot what happened in the last one so I re read the book because the movie doesnt come out until december.
  5. oh...ok, and no it wasnt the phins d sucks!
  6. im surprised that they would say something like that because they have him on contract. Did Bobby V. say anything himself about the job?
  7. ESPN said Valentine might be the manager?????
  8. Yep thats why they couldnt sack DAVID CARR. and the crappy Texans offensive line. The bears D is better than the dolphins!!
  9. Ya hawks life-time batting average was .239!! And DJ's life-time batting average was .257!!! I still dont know why hawk is with this organization....he never played for the sox.
  10. how many times does dj jinx this team......he always says stuff like "the offence is doin good today" then it starts sucking. Now he just said "Gotta watch out for Soriano he has 12 lead off homeruns this year" two seconds later he hits a lead off homerun!!
  11. There was a thread the other day about those comments an "unnamed player" made saying that the sox have no heart and alot of people thought Everett said them. hmmmmm..........i wonder why everett has been benched the last two days? It had to have been him.
  12. Bartolo is going for win #100 today
  13. ok well i guess i made two accounts under may email address or someone put my email address in as theirs because i the name i wanted was already taken on the members list and had 0 posts so i sent him an email and it came to my mailbox. so i was wondering if you could delete that account (whitesoxfan56789) or at least switch the names around and make whitesoxfan56789 my name because that is my name on every other board i post on. i would just go onto that one but i want the 110 or whatever amount of posts i had added on to my handle. if you cant do anything i will just keep using this one though.
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