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  1. Ernie Banks is runner up for Shortstop.......BWHAAAAAAAAAA He barly even played short
  2. ALDS Red Sox 3, A's 2 Yankees 3, Twins 1 NLDS Braves 3, Cubs 0 Marlinss 3, Giants-2 ALCS Red Sox 4, Yankees 2 NLCS Marlins 4, Braves 2 World Series Marlins 4, Red Sox 3
  3. Who knew that he would win as many games as his jersey number. I wish he was number much higher
  4. Ok my bro goes to Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park
  5. BTW where do you go to school? My bro is a freshman.
  6. Too bad that in the Cubune tomarrow it will still have stuff about the cubs winning the division and then 10 pages back will be the stuff about Loaiza.
  7. How the hell can you remember that. I dont even know what my 6th grade teacher looked like or if it was male or female!
  8. He's tied with Pedro I hope he can get one more
  9. If you look at it in the pitchers stadpoint is seems very difficult...but im looking at it in the hitters standpoint where it seems very easy to strikeout
  10. 1 more to tie....He should have already done it though
  11. wtf dijesus should be a gone goose...but NOOOOOOO the f***in retarded ump is blind!
  12. see if you can find one of him sayin "HE GONE" for me
  13. 2 more to tie...he just matched Halladays mark 204
  14. Lets say he pitches to the 8th inning, then he just needs one an inning to tie.
  15. Right now in the 4th inning Loiza needs 4 strikeouts to lead the league. If he accomplish this feat he has a great chance of the cy. wait......just 3 more now..
  16. Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey.........Goodbye
  17. Aaron Miles.........He is actually starting today!!!!!!!!!!
  18. they lost to the TIGERS today. I wouldnt call them the hottest team in baseball!
  19. He totally f***ed up his arm...his carrer is about over
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