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  1. Not seasonally adjusted, we have lost 3 million jobs the past two months. The 1.2 number I provided is not seasonally adjusted for January.
  2. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 5, 2012 -> 03:56 PM) The most recent deadline was supposed to be today. I honestly cannot see any way to save Greece at this point. They're terminally ill.
  3. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 4, 2012 -> 09:51 AM) 150k What number are you referring to? I've read multiple places referring to 1.2 million falling off in January, leading to a ~63% participation rate.
  4. QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Feb 1, 2012 -> 07:51 AM) I don't watch much Big 10 basketball but decided to watch the Illinois-MSU game last night. Wow, what an awful, awful game. That was one of the worst games i've seen in a long time and I just sat through the UCONN-ND game on Sunday. That being said, that Leonard kid looks to have a lot of potential down the road. Being a Spartan, this game made me sad. The only remotely enjoyable part of it was listenting to Mike Tirico say he ran out of ways to say someone missed a shot or layup. Two McDonald's All-Americans plus Green and State puts out an effort like that?! My goodness!!
  5. Sign a couple more Cubans and replace "Sox" with "Cuba" on those bad boys!
  6. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 04:01 PM) It's pretty sad that the right-wing response to teachers earning a decent living isn't to fight for everyone to raise up, but to drag teachers down. But I'm not sure what any of this has to do with the election! It seems like teaching is a massively popular major in college with colleges creating a large number of new teachers every year. Supply and demand right? I know it's kind of cruel but you're worth what someone is willing to pay you.
  7. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 04:17 PM) The Liveroided-upstrong campaign has chipped in another $100k to Planned Parenthood. Mentally, I give Armstrong a pass about lying to us all these years because of all the good he seemingly has done for the world. It's like he has a hall pass in my head.
  8. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 09:36 PM) Small redemption for the Volcker rule fail. I never enjoyed tax in college so it seems I cannot even fully read a tax article to this day without getting distracted!
  9. QUOTE (G&T @ Jan 30, 2012 -> 03:10 PM) Chicago has a ton a Bells. The beauty of Bells and Founders is that they are awesome, and a lot of people ignore them in favor of 3 Floyds. That's too funny, the Chicago folks are talking about Bell's and I'm drinking a 312 right now! Big fan of Bell's, sometimes I bring some back to Illinois for people when I visit.
  10. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 08:42 PM) I'm gonna call you on a misread here, ecause everything I've found says the so called buffet rule, aka amt2: electric boogaloo would raise $40-$50 billion per year, not per decade. Here's a far rightwing link. Can you add a link saying why that estimate is wrong by a factor of 10? Correct. I was remembering just a bit. The real reference after re-reading was deficit of $1.249t being decreased to $1.209t had it been enacted for the year ending Dec 31st so basically a rounding error. Thanks for the catch Balta.
  11. 1.2 million people fell off the unemployment rolls. Participation rate is 63.7%. Government jobs fell 14k, manufacturing rose 50k, construction rose 21k, trade and transport rose 37k, business services rose 70k, education and health rose 36k, leisure and hospitality rose 44k. Overtime hours increased to 3.4 ours with manufacturing hours rising to 40.9. The birth/death model had a net adjustment of -367k. Potential non-farm increase could have been 600k without the birth/death adjustment. ISM index of nonmanufacturing activity rose from 53 to 56.8 from December to January. Jacobsen of Wells Fargo viewed the reports as positive and genuine. I have read other color pleasantly surprised with the non-farm numbers. An interesting piece from one of them was the 2010 census changes. 671k women were added to the labor force while 413k men were subtracted. Over 1 million Asians were added, over 1.3 millions Hispanics were added, over 400k blacks were added while over 1 million whites were subtracted. *please note I simply compiled the data from commentary from a couple banks today.
  12. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 08:34 PM) You realize this isn't hard to find right? Yep, too lazy on my iPad. I'll post to it shortly.
  13. Into Iran. Israel is going to strike in the next few months, and the US has the chance of being dragged in. The US and Israel disagree on when Iran's nuclear program will hit the "immunity" stage. Bloomberg had an article on it today.
  14. QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 09:40 AM) http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2012/0...-to-8-3-percent edit: private added 257k, 243 net job gains. November revised upward to 157,000 added (previously at 100k) and december slightly upward to 203k up from 200. The real question is how many people fell off from being counted.
  15. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 3, 2012 -> 09:05 AM) Despite the Fed saying otherwise, the Fed Funds have priced in a 100% chance of a 50 bps rate increase by the end of 2013. I do not agree with this. Where do you see it priced in? All of the bank commentary I have read is expecting more like a 25 bp increase around Q2 of 2014. The real question that arises is what Fed Presidents have voting rights in 2013. Right now it's a dovish Fed. If more hawks rotate in for 2013, it's possible but im not sure who has voting rights next year.
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