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  1. two guys I work with just said that they give up on the Cubs and will probably be looking for another Chicago team to cheer on next year.
  2. game 1 has the same value as game 162. The atmosphere around game xxx maybe be higher, but the value is the same.
  3. If I remember correctly, ESPN.com has it Sox: 54.6% and Miiny: 45.4% for divisional winner.
  4. i am curious as to what it looks like.
  5. QUOTE (letsgoarow @ Sep 3, 2008 -> 02:43 AM) no. i would say Q has been decent, jackass what he said
  6. Pitching and defense have slumps just like hitting does. its a part of the game, hopefully it doesnt last too long becuase we will drop in the division fast if it keeps up. I expect a fast turn around when we domolish the Tigers this week and a carry over of that for Boston
  7. 8.1 runs/game in 7 wins 2.4 runs/game in 5 loses it seems to be the only way the sox beat the Tigers
  8. QUOTE (Leonard Zelig @ Aug 4, 2008 -> 06:52 PM) Would you feel better if we had Jeff Weaver, Anthony Reyes and Jeff Suppan in our rotation? Because that team won a World Series less than 2 years ago. We would be unstoppable with those three.....
  9. This is just a thought, not one that could actually happen though. What about Pablo Ozuna as a two hitter? I mean, he can play multiple spots as well. I think he can be an everyday player and can do the things Ozzie wants him to do. He came up big last year towards the stretch run. Possible right?
  10. QUOTE(aboz56 @ Nov 2, 2005 -> 09:55 PM) I totally disagree with you. It may be one injury, but it's going to be a Grant Hill type injury. One that will never go away and will plague him for the rest of the career. What have you all been smokin? I mean, s***! How are you gonna say the man that has worn one uniform for 15 years is done? You obviously are gettin basketball and baseball mixed up. All he is gonna have to do is demolish the ball, which he is still very capable of doing, every at-bat he gets. The only way, the only way he gets hurt again is if he either: 1. Comes back to quick, again or 2. Plays the field. Grant Hill just had bad luck with his ankle/foot, whatever, and you should never compare a basketball injury to baseball. Were the hell to you come up with all this magical opitions of a replacement? Delgado, Ramirez? No way. Like you are gonna wave you wand and..poof...No. Although the only thing I agree with here is to have a backup plan. but wont be needed.
  11. QUOTE(Felix @ Oct 24, 2005 -> 04:22 AM) Boston had a better home record, while the Braves and Yankees were tied with the Astros for second best. My bad, they and I were wrong, t-best in NL
  12. In the ESPN postgame show, I shouldn;t have watched anyway, They had noted on how Oswalt has the best "stuff" for the Astros. Not argueing there. But Peter Gammonds then had said on how the Astros have the best home record in the bigs...... Failed to mention that the Pale Hose have the best road record and how that might possibly mean something agaisnt the best home record. Gammonds still showing no love. Just my thoughts though. and correct me if I'm wrong, please.
  13. this commerical has been showing for a long time.....
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