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  1. 25 years old and still bad at WS.
  2. No longer in the Sox minor league system.
  3. Playing independent ball this year. Not a Sox farm player any more.
  4. Fred Ward, 79 - Actor Known for Tremors and Remo Williams
  5. Gino Cappelletti, 89 - Former AFL Player with the Patriots
  6. Bob Lanier, 73 - Former NBA All Star
  7. Naomi Judd, 76 - Country Music Singer
  8. Filling in for injured Moncada again. Doing decently well.
  9. Platoon/bench OF/1B. ON the MLB roster unless he gets traded.
  10. Tommy John - out til 2023 Will no longer be a rookie then. May never be a starter with the Sox.
  11. In AAA after losing backup job to Reese McGuire.
  12. Almost made the team out of Spring, but was outrighted from the 40 man to Charlotte due to roster limitations.
  13. Are you caught up through Ep 4? What's confusing?
  14. Disemboweling the Guardians? Castrating the Guardians? Beheading the Guardians?
  15. He's certainly looking Trout-esque so far this season.
  16. That Gilbert Gottfried? I can't see the Tweet at work.
  17. I hope that the A's don't get Semien/Bassitt again if we get Montas. Trading Vaughn, Kelley or Sheets feels like a mistake.
  18. Abreu, Robert, Jimenez, Giolito
  19. Dwayne Haskins, 24 Former NFL quarterback - hit by vehicle
  20. Only thing that I've found is delete cookies and empty cache.
  21. The Bulls are a couple of big men away from being a real contender.
  22. I feel like the present window is closing. There are still injuries, they've gotten older, and they didn't improve player-wise from last season. 88 Wins in a bad division.
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