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  1. Solid RH starter for Arkansas, Pallette was out 2022 due to TJ surgery. He's due back in January of 2023. Seen by many as a first round talent, drafted in the 2nd, Could be fast tracked to the majors if he's healthy in the Spring. May start at Kanny and be in Birmingham by August of 2023 if the Sox like what they see.
  2. Top pick by the Sox in the 2022 MLB Draft. 6'8" lanky HS Lefty pitcher from Oswego IL. Local product, was going to Vanderbilt - Cradle of future MLB pitchers. Probably going to spend time in Arizona until the Spring. May be assigned to Rookie ball next year due to his youth.
  3. Reese is gone, Seby's been back up to Grandal. He'll probably be the starter in2023 - unless they sign a FA.
  4. Stuck in AAA, but I have a feeling that 2023 will be a bigger year for him.
  5. Struggling with the big club; but, they needed a MI after TA got hurt.
  6. knightni

    2022 Catch All

    Someone did a drive-by and shot three people in Six Flags Great America's parking lot last night.
  7. She had stage four breast cancer for 5 years.
  8. Pat Carroll, 95 - Voice Actress for Disney - Most notably, Ursula the Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid.
  9. Nichelle Nichols, 89 - Uhura on Star Trek
  10. Arguably the greatest Minecraft player of all time. Technoblade, 23 - Cancer
  11. Playing independent ball in Gary this year. Probably done in the Sox system.
  12. 25 years old and still bad at WS.
  13. No longer in the Sox minor league system.
  14. Playing independent ball this year. Not a Sox farm player any more.
  15. Fred Ward, 79 - Actor Known for Tremors and Remo Williams
  16. Gino Cappelletti, 89 - Former AFL Player with the Patriots
  17. Bob Lanier, 73 - Former NBA All Star
  18. Naomi Judd, 76 - Country Music Singer
  19. Filling in for injured Moncada again. Doing decently well.
  20. Platoon/bench OF/1B. ON the MLB roster unless he gets traded.
  21. Tommy John - out til 2023 Will no longer be a rookie then. May never be a starter with the Sox.
  22. In AAA after losing backup job to Reese McGuire.
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