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  1. He had Mono and was out for a month and lost 25 pounds. It wasn't until recently that he got back to playing weight and strength.
  2. I'm happy that she's released, but how will the release of a huge arms dealer affect the arms that Putin will have access to to fight Ukraine now?
  3. If the Bears stay at 2, trade down, or take Anderson or Carter?
  4. This just feels like Adam Dunn. Power, for sure, but struggles above the Mendoza line and rivals Moncada in Ks.
  5. Mike Piazza, David Ortiz, and Ivan Rodriguez are already in, so the point is moot.
  6. This is everyone's yearly reminder that this exists. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  7. I'm not going to stand on my high horse. I don't mind the PED players being let in.
  8. Apparently, the source is not cheesy or beefy enough. Sorry folks.
  9. I enjoyed Black Panther 2. They handled Chadwick's death the best that they could.
  10. Take with grain of salt. But it was a Sox Machine person, Sox Machine has usually been straight about stuff. I mean, it's not like they're hot dogs or Italian Beef or anything.
  11. I saw a half hour ago that TB is now playing hardball by threatening to remove Glasnow and Lowe from the trade block.
  12. Seen on Twitter. https://twitter.com/soxmachine_josh/status/1591987289529671680?t=PdGb-17Wg1v9CZ_d2-LIZg&s=19 Take with a grain of salt. Lowe had a nice 2021, but regressed in 2022. Lefty power bat who can play 2b or LF and is 28. Concern is he has a low batting average tendency; which, for some reason, has been made worse in the past when players join the Sox.
  13. Kevin Conroy - The voice of the animated Batman, 66
  14. Original lead singer of Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, 76
  15. Rain held back so I took the kids out last night. Four houses gave out full-sized candy bars. Between the trunk or treats and last night, they each have almost 8 pounds of candy.
  16. I have a kindergartner who sleeps at 7:30 at night and I'd prefer he not be out walking in the dark with older kids and cars. We'll be out for about a half hour tonight, but once it gets dark, we're heading home.
  17. The kids and I hit up about 7 trunk or treats over the last week or so. We already have so much candy that they don't have to slog in the rain tonight if they don't want to.
  18. I really liked the WWBN special. It was '70s camp. I wonder if they will have a Midnight Sons series.
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