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  1. I'm sorry, but I am going to officially retire from this league. I have a baby now so I can only use what little time I have to spare for fantasy baseball to my money leagues. I'm sure it will be easy to find a replacement.
  2. Just got this email back after inquiring to Brooks: Here is a look at the beers we will be offering at our Midwest Brews locations: Minnesota - Michelob Golden Light Wisconsin - Leinenkugel (various flavors) Illinois - Goose Island's Honkers and Chicago Beer Company's Windy City Wheat Indiana - Barley Island's Bar Fly IPA Ohio - Great Lakes Brewing Company's Dortmunder Gold Michigan - Bell's Oberon (we will also have LaBatt Blue representing this area and the Canadians) I hope this makes you want to stop by even more now! They will be cold and waiting for you... Joey Nigro, General Manager Sportservice - US Cellular Field 333 W. 35TH Street Chicago, IL 60616
  3. I'm pretty excited about the change of Beers of the World. I would be shocked if they didn't have Three Floyd's. I think Bellls is a good call and wouldn't be surprised if Two Brothers got a beer in there as well. Really looking forward to trying the cheesesteak. That has to be delicious and healthy. I'll definitely give the tamales a spin as well. It's discraceful to have D'giorno's, but I never get pizza there anyway.
  4. Some decent seats seem to be available. Just got upperdeck box seats in 531 on whitesox.com. 4 seats together. If you don't have yours yet get on there!
  5. Some beers that I have tried recently that should be on my list. Ska: Modus Hoperandi Dogfish Head: Burton Baton Lagunitas: Hop Stoopid
  6. I think I only listed out about a dozen beers or so and most of them were Craft Beers.
  7. QUOTE (knightni @ Mar 11, 2010 -> 01:25 AM) The draft is set for Sat Mar 20 8:30pm Chicago time - it's on a weekend and in an evening, so hopefully more people can be there. The only event it may coincide with is a second round NCAA game and NCAA.com streams games, iirc. I would think this would make less people being there. At least I won't be able to draft a team at that time on a Saturday.
  8. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 4, 2010 -> 08:10 PM) From the original ESPN Crew! Lol. Hell yeah! Thanks fellas!
  9. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Mar 2, 2010 -> 07:48 PM) 3 runs 3 hits and 3 walks for Cabrera in 1 inning of work. Seems about right.
  10. I thought the bike was cool, but I'm not a big fan of the scoreboard. I thought that was kind of lame. The wheels were sweet.
  11. Any chance all of the lists submitted can be posted? I would like to see some of the stuff that didn't make the list. You have permission to post mine if you want.
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