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  1. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Dec 30, 2012 -> 08:57 PM) I hopefully will be in the hospital. (My wife is due January 1st) Congrats and good luck!!
  2. I'd consider over paying Youk for a one-year deal. Or sign Jeff Keppinger to a 3 year deal.
  3. Any possibility that this is due to DeAza health issues we haven't heard about yet?
  4. If the new stadium is taken out of the equation... Would people look at what he did differently? Not looking to defend Loria, because I think he's an ass. Just a hypothetical. Think about it... Sign a bunch of free agents to no trade contracts. Trade them all after 1 year for good prospects. Fairly clever way to jump start a system if you could pull it off.
  5. I think the title should have been "24 Sox players are on the trading block."
  6. Good update during the AFL http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseb...,0,837822.story
  7. Trade for a 37 year old 3B with injury issues, declining production, and 5 years left on his contract?
  8. The best part... reading posts on Tiger fan boards during the last two innings. Hilarious.
  9. Why is the series starting in Baltimore instead of NY?
  10. Texas. Gone. Wow. Not the season end they expected. 5 game division lead with 9 to play? Blow it. Lose the wild card play-in game. Now THAT is a first-class collapse.
  11. QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Oct 2, 2012 -> 09:54 AM) Very first link I clicked on after Googling 2012 MLB predictions: link I'm sure there are more... So on average, they expected the Sox to have as many losses as the Cubs. Interesting.
  12. 2012: the year we ran out of gas two weeks short of the finish line.
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