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  1. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Mar 22, 2009 -> 05:17 PM)
    We don't have a leadoff problem. Jerry Owens and Dewayne Wise have one.


    Getz can lead off just fine, and Lexi can hit 2-slot.


    Who is this Lexi guy everyone keeps bringing up? Seriously, his name is Alexei and it doesn't rhyme with sexy.

  2. QUOTE (BearSox @ Mar 22, 2009 -> 12:18 PM)
    This is just stupid. If Ramirez and Getz form a solid MI combo, we are gonna have to move Beckham to a new position, and that's that. Now this can all change, but best case scenario is that Getz and Ramirez tear it up both on O and D, Viceido or Fields become the answer for 3B, and Beckham rakes but has to move to LF (and be able to play SS, 3B, and 2B in a pinch). With Beckham's power potential, he would hopefully be able to produce for a corner OF (however, I hate having numbers based on what position you play), and he should be able to provide solid D as well considering his arm strength and speed. If everything fell into place, our lineup in about 3 years would look something like:


    1. Getz, 2B

    2. Ramirez, SS

    3. Quentin, RF

    4. Konerko, 1B/DH

    5. Viciedo, 3B (I don't think much of Fields, so I'll go with Viciedo)

    6. Beckham, LF

    7. Allen, 1B/DH

    8. Flowers, C

    9. Danks/Anderson, CF


    However, I highly doubt this will happen as odds of everything panning out with our young players are extremely unlikely.


    Say they go to the All-Star break, and Getz and Ramirez are both playing like All-stars. Do you move Beckham to left field right away, since you know the future is Getz and Alexei in the middle infield?


    I'd just like to see them settle on a position for Beckham, and stick with it. He's got his mind set on being a major league shortstop. I'd like to see that happen with the White Sox, but the main thing is not to start messing with his head.

  3. If Getz is a real solid 2B, and Beckham tears it up at Birmingham this year at SS, I hope Alexei is the one that gets traded. You can't trade a guy like Beckham because not only is he possibly a great player, he's the type that could be the face of the franchise for the next decade. You can market Beckham a helluva lot more than Alexei Ramirez.





  4. QUOTE (BearSox @ Mar 21, 2009 -> 11:01 PM)
    The thing with Poreda though, the club likely wants him to focus on throwing sliders and his secondary pitches. With someone like Williams, it's likely the club just wants him to go out and see what he has. And after seeing him today, he's extremely mediocre and it's easy to tell why he is a 34 year old journey man who hasn't even pitched in the majors the past 3 years.


    A trade or a free agent pickup isn't out of the question either.

  5. QUOTE (SoxAce @ Mar 21, 2009 -> 10:55 PM)
    Wow, I also read on there that Beckham is likely skipping AA and will go to AAA. Interesting choice in Marquez for the BP. Richard has been a lock for a while to just make this team though.


    I think Gonzales might just be speculating there. Birmingham makes a lot more sense for a guy like Beckham.

  6. QUOTE (BearSox @ Mar 21, 2009 -> 10:51 PM)
    Personally, after watching him pitch today, I don't think Williams has an edge over anyone.


    I didn't see Williams today. I know he had a nice run of scoreless innings before today. Poreda got shelled the other day. Not sure what they want to do with him.

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