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  1. QUOTE (daa84 @ Feb 27, 2009 -> 02:26 PM)
    i really think the 2nd base competition is going to be really tight all spring long...getz has the plate discipline, Lillibridge the Speed, Nix probably has the best power of the three and maybe the D....


    I really believe that by the end of spring training, the Sox are going to still like all three players--Lillibridge, Getz, and Nix. If I had to guess what will happen, Lillibridge and Getz will both make the team, and both will get ample playing time.


    Vs. lefties, it'll probably be Anderson in CF and Lillibridge at 2B, and Brent will probably get a little more playing time at SS. If you remember last year, Alexei would get a little tired and go in mini-slumps. Liilbridge could probably start 50 games at 2B, and another 20-30 at SS.


    Nix? Might be a numbers game because he really only plays 2B. I think the Sox might do him a favor and try to move him to another organization.

  2. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 27, 2009 -> 02:09 PM)
    So it really sounds like they are planning on Viciedo starting in the minors when Ozzie is saying he will be here soon.


    He should go to the minors. He's 20. He's not a polished 3rd baseman, and he hasn't played enough of the other possible positions. Hopefully he has a nice season in Birmingham, and if he does well, comes up in September with Beckham and Flowers.

  3. The games vs. the Cubs on March 4, 5, and 27 will be on WGN with Cubs announcers.


    Also, according to the schedule some of the CSN games will also be on MLB Network, if you don't get CSN:


    March 1, 14, 21 and April 2

  4. Unless you know him personally, calling Beckham "Slayer" kinda makes you sound like a wannabe.


    I'm sure his nickname will probably end up being Gordo. I think I heard his teammates call him that at Georgia, and it's a common nickname for Gordon.

  5. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Feb 24, 2009 -> 11:29 AM)
    This is such a tough division to call, I honestly could see all 5 teams winning the division, and yes, I am aware that this includes the Royals...


    I agree. I think when people make their predictions, they better tell us why they think the way they do. Anyone can pick the five teams out of a hat and possibly guess correctly.


    The Indians can win if Lee duplicates last year, and Carmona joins him. Plus with a couple better arms in their bullpen, they could contend.


    The Twins can win with one more year of experience with the young pitchers, and if Joe Crede stays healthy for a big chunk of the season. I don't see him playing 140 games, but maybe 100 games, he can make an impact on their team.


    The Royals have a very good offense, and if some of the starting pitchers take the next step, they can be tough. Their bullpen is very good.


    The Tigers--good offense, but a suspect pitching staff. I can't count them out, but who knows?


    The White Sox have three starting pitchers that should win 15 games. The 4th and 5th spots are questionable. The defense is a big concern. Dye is a year older. Fields is Fields. AJ is adequate. Owens gets bad jumps. I'm not worried about the Sox offense at all, but I think a lot of things have to fall into place, and they can't afford injuries. If they fall behind early, look for more trades in June and July, and probably will end up at the bottom of the division. But really, 2nd place and 5th place are the same thing if you don't make the playoffs. I wouldn't care if the Sox came in last place if they bring in more young players for Konerko and Dye. But hopefully it won't come to that, and things fall into place.


    And finally, I think it's easy for people to say the AL Central sucks, and all of the good teams are in the East. Yes, the East is tough, but I don't think the Central sucks. I think it's competitive, and the West is the worst of the three divisions.



  6. Here's the radio schedule...they're doing that interactive thing again for some of the games, which I think means they'll broadcast the first 5 innings, then take calls while giving updates for the rest of the game.



    25th: White Sox vs. Angels - 2:05pm (Complete/1:55pm)



    1st: White Sox vs. Dodgers - 2:05pm (Interactive/1:55pm)

    2nd: White Sox vs. Mariners - 2:05pm (Interactive/1:55pm)

    5th: White Sox vs. Cubs - 3:05pm (Complete/2:55pm)

    9th: White Sox vs. Indians - 3:05pm (Interactive/2:55pm)

    18th: White Sox vs. Angels - 3:05pm (Interactive/3:05pm)

    25th: White Sox vs. Athletics - 3:05pm (Complete/2:55pm)

    27th: White Sox vs. Cubs - 3:05pm (Complete/2:55pm)



    1st: White Sox vs. Padres - 3:05pm (Complete/2:55pm)

    3rd: White Sox vs. Diamondbacks - 8:40pm (Complete/8:05pm)


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