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  1. QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Dec 18, 2009 -> 12:52 PM)
    Mark I really thjink you are worrying to much. It's expereince versus youth. Hudson can learn this year and unless he gets traded as so many of our prospects do than he will most likely be starting in 2011. I really believe Garcia is good for 12-15 wins as the #5 starter



    12 would be a stretch. 15 would mean the Sox ran away with the division.

  2. QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Dec 17, 2009 -> 12:47 PM)
    That 2nd version looks impressive.


    That's why they need to get another bat. Even if it isn't Gonzalez, they need to get another run producer. Jones and Kotsay aren't going to cut it. I think Kenny knows this, though.

  3. I don't like Ramirez batting 2nd, especially at the beginning of the season. He's been awful in April/beginning of May so far in his career. He should bat 9th to start the season and then they can adjust based on who's hitting well. It's a lineup that can change a lot based on who is hot.

  4. QUOTE (supernuke @ Dec 16, 2009 -> 09:58 PM)
    For some reason I get the feeling the KW was set on getting Bradley and Ozzie doesn't want him on the team.


    The way the Sox are constructed, he'd actually fit in the lineup right now.


    It's tempting. It would make things interesting, that's for sure.

  5. QUOTE (GreatScott82 @ Dec 16, 2009 -> 04:22 PM)
    I wonder why people haven't talked about Flowers possibly being the DH? He could rotate with AJ behind the plate and get a decent amount of ABs in the DH hole. Sounds like a nice transition to me. Just go out and sign a DH next year. . .


    I really think Flowers will get at least a half year in Charlotte. There are plenty of backup catchers out there right now.

  6. QUOTE (knightni @ Dec 16, 2009 -> 02:38 PM)
    The decade starts at 2001 and ends with 2010, btw.


    That makes no sense, and I don't want to hear how this goes back to year 1 A.D., or whatever.


    In baseball, when you talk about decades, it's the 3rd digit of the year. 1970's were 1970-1979. 1980's were 1980-1989, and so on.


    I would never say my favorite White Sox team of the 1980's was 1990. I mean, come on. Get real.

  7. 1. Jerry Owens

    2. Mike MacDougal

    3. Todd Ritchie

    4. Andy Gonzalez

    5. Joe Borchard

    6. Luis Terrero

    7. Darin Erstad

    8. Boone Logan

    9. Josh Fields

    10. Billy Koch


    Honorable mention to Brian Anderson, Kip Wells, Jon Rauch, Brian Daubach, Jose Paniagua, Ben Davis, and Rick White.


    edit: Forgot Billy Koch. He's got to go on there.

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